Sheffield Meet expression of interest thread


Hello! I’m not putting myself forward for organising at this stage…but following @Aggpass’ suggestion in another thread, I’d be interested in who’d fancy a trip to steel city


  • I’m keen
  • Maybe
  • No thanks (why are you here then?)

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Who are the Sheffield/south Yorkshire DiSsers anyway? @andyvine? @TontonZolaMoukoko? Reveal yourselves :slight_smile:



  • Kelham island
  • Other, incorrect location

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Not lived here long, so I’m not fussy :slight_smile:


@AphexTwinkletoes and @Kallgeese have previously shown interest…


All the Leeds crew have no excuse to not come tbh


The train over from Manchester is a lovely journey, too


I work up in Sheffield fairly regularly. If a meat fits with me being around then it’s game on. Used to spend many a happy evening down Ecclesall Rd back in the day.


I’m nowhere near Sheffield but I have had some awesome nights out there. If I can do the date you choose, I’ll be there.


could just have it in manchester, easier for everyone (me)


All of this


Could do a cultural exchange…one night in Sheffield, one night in Manc (maybe do a DiS northern England tour…Leeds, Nottingham…)


Heard The Byron House does a cracking pint of Pravha.


I’m a manc man, man!


I can be in Sheffield in an hour. I can be in Nottingham in half an hour, so a big vote for that.




I am keen for this. Gonna have a mix of house moving, holidays, birthdays, amd business trips in Jan/Feb which would be my only reasons for not attending


Yeah up for this. Can we do a station pint?


Be rude not to.