Anyone seen them live before? Worth seeing? I think a few UK dates are about to be announced.

Also, what albums are worth moving on to from 1000 Hurts? I’ve dipped into the others in the past, but not really committed to any.

The albums are really good, but there are some 10 minute tracks with about 3 notes that you should just skip! Their latest album was great, give it a go!

Terraform and at action park are also great albums. I love shellac

I would go for At Action Park or Dude Incredible next- they’re the most accessible (but still brutal and precise) ones.
Then go for the other two, but they’re a bit more patchy and difficult.
Never seen them live, unfortunately- I’ve heard they’re always brilliant.

Cheers! Will check out both.

I know they’ve got a Scottish date coming, so will probably try and catch them.

Theyre great live


What? Where/when they playing up here?

No idea yet. All I know is a date will be announced before the end of the week. Ticket Scotland have got them on their list, but no details yet.

Nice, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Albini has irreversibly changed my view of squirrels.


Saw them live for the first time last year in Leeds and they were superb, definitely catch them if you can.

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v good live. i hope they come back to ireland on this tour after missing us out on the last one.

Dude Incredible is one of their best i reckon, certainly one of their most consistent. i really like Terraform as well, always found At Action Park slightly overrated but might need to listen to it a bit more. Excellent Italian Greyhound has some great stuff on it but is a bit hit and miss and contains their worst song which annoyingly goes on for 9 minutes.

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1000 Hz is the worst album

They can be amazing live and often are.

But you will need to get familiar with all their albums for seeing them live because they just play songs with no care about how old they are or anything.

(Also there are 5 albums but something like 15 official releases, mostly singles, but it means some great songs they do live aren’t even on albums.)

Thanks for the heads-up. I’m waiting for a Scottish date with baited breath.

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[quote=“1101010, post:12, topic:15723”]
But you will need to get familiar with all their albums for seeing them live because they just play songs with no care about how old they are or anything.[/quote]
Why would you need to be familiar with all of a band’s music to enjoy a gig?

I guess he just meant ‘if you like knowing the songs, don’t go in expecting it to be mainly cuts from the latest record with a few old classics’

Well yeah but @The_Cosh it was the fact they made it sound like they only really liked 1000 Hurts. Dunno, badly worded really but I think unless you enjoy all their albums equally - and while I consider it the worst Shellac album, I still love me some 1000 Hurts - it could be less than excellent.

Some nights they haven’t been as chatty or something and of it’s like that you are really just there for the music.

Fair enough.

I tend to think that if you like one album by a band, the best thing to do is go and see them, but that’s mostly because I like going out.

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