Sherlock S4


Starting to find the whole comedy-autism shtick a bit tired now. Still better than last weeks Jonathan Creek though


I like that he’s a murderer now. Just like in the original novels and short stories.

Oh no wait…


Just been on in our house, it’s really quite remarkable how bad + smug it is.


I quite liked it. Preferred it to that last Christmas one, though the same sort of thing happened that I’ll detail in the below play despite the fact that I have word docs open I should be working on but hashtag yolo

ROSCOE and MARLON are watching the BBC programme ‘Sherlock Holmes the Detective’

MARLON: It’s great when the BBC show ‘Sherlock Holmes the Detective’

ROSCOE: Yes let us watch

The famous titles for ‘Sherlock Holmes the Detective’ come on after a previously on showed loads of stuff you’d forgot about because the serieses are about two episodes long and are on every eight decades or something. The famous actor who plays the eponymous Sherlock Holmes the Detective, Peter Capaldi, comes on the screen and talks to MARK GATISS for a bit

MARK GATISS: Hello Sherlock Holmes the Detective. There seems to be a mystery for you to solve

PETER CAPALDI: (eccentrically) I love solving mysteries. Let’s have it then.

MARK GATISS: I wrote it down on some paper, let me try and find it

While MARK GATISS is looking for the mystery, PETER CAPALDI does a series of eccentric British things that Americans can make into gifs for their blogs of just Sherlock Holmes the Detective gifs which somehow they are able to monetise so that they have the free time to put comments on things saying “actually there are people who have gotten rich by being shit and annoying on the Internet actually”. One of the eccentric things he does is dry hump a kettle while singing Rule Britannia in a dandyish way.

MARK GATISS: Oh I’ve found it now

PETER CAPALDI: Good. I’ll be off to solve it then after I’ve bought a tweed coat, I’m really into tweed now

MARK GATISS: What an eccentric thing to say

PETER CAPALDI is now solving the mystery at a country house with his assistant JAMES CORDEN who keeps looking down the barrel of the camera and smiling at the viewer for some reason. The director has given up telling him not to, and doesn’t even mind much if he gets the sack anymore.

PETER CAPALDI: I’ve concluded that the murderer was none other than you because look at the… (blah blah blah)… and so because that one hair on your fringe is a different angle it tells me that you had to wash blood out between 15:43 and 15:49 today, exactly the time our murderer would have showered!

MURDERER: Gah! You figured it out from these minute details!?!?!

PETER CAPALDI: No I saw you do it literally just now, we are just being really knowing and funny again about my deductive skills

JAMES CORDEN: (breaking the fourth wall) OOH POSTMODERN! POSTMODERN! (actually breaking the camera) POSTMODERN (as he throws it from the tripod at the wall) EH???

MARLON: That was great detective work from Sherlock. I like these episodes when he solves a mystery

ROSCOE: Yes and me, I assume the rest of it will involve an interesting and thrilling mystery of the sort that the character of Sherlock Holmes the Detective is known for

PETER CAPALDI: But wait a minute! The shards of the camera James Corden smashed… if you put them together it says Moriarty???

MURDERER: Ah so you figured out my secret that I am Moriarty

PETER CAPALDI: Moriarty!? I bet the audience weren’t expecting you to happen again!?!

MURDERER: Ha ha ha I am always one step ahead, just when you think. He surprisingly crops up literally every fucking episode, they can’t involve him again. They just did ahahahahahaha

MORIARTY runs off

PETER CAPALDI: How will we get him

They run outside into the street, and bump into an old lady

OLD LADY: Ah so you figured out the code and bumped into me, which is secret code for me to be activated as a secret agent which is what I am. Come on, hop into my invisible experimental aircraft

They are in the aircraft

OLD LADY: I also have access to nuclear weapons

PETER CAPALDI: Good let’s use them

They nuke London


PETER CAPALDI: Or is he???


lost sight of what I was trying to say tbh


I’m not a fan of the first few seasons and was cajoled into watching this. It was terrible, and to me it was bad in all of the ways it has been since the start. Genuinely struggle to understand why the show is as popular as it is.


Not as bad as last year’s trollathon, in the same way that being out in the cold isn’t as bad as being out in the cold with someone stabbing you in the liver. at least it had a plot, albeit a contrived one from a second-rate spy thriller.

Great actors wasted on increasingly fruity dialogue, Moffatt and Gatiss just spending their downtime trying to work out how to piss off the Tumblr lunatics who flood the internet with reaction gifs after every episode.

Started off well, then sharp left-turned into dogshitsville. Mary Watson’s introduction back in S3 was a transparent attempt to give the show a 3rd main character to keep the show going despite the fact that the BBC can no longer afford to have Bendlederp Crumblesnatch and Tim From The Office in the same place for more than 1 shot - particularly obvious during this episode, I thought. We weren’t given time to give half a fuck about her so as a result her death was a relief more than anything.

Will watch next week, but well into late-period-Dexter-style hate-watch territory now.


total dross


I liked it. I’m guessing anyone that didn’t is an idiot.


I’m a bit baffled by the overwhelming negative response too. Thoroughly enjoyed it- not as good as the first two seasons, but still extremely enjoyable.


Has dr who been as bad as this recently? I’ve considered rewatching the Matt Smith run because I remember it being quite good. Didn’t watch the peter capaldi ones though. Really disliked Jenna Louise Colemans character, was just irritating.


yes that is now terrible as well


Stopped watching halfway through Tennant’s last series


@Aggpass @chris-budget
I’m not sure if it always was or if I just enjoyed it because it was a kids show and I was but a whippersnapper.

Oh well


I don’t think these modern Moffat things are nearly as bad as many people insist, but they’re not without their problems either. And for me, the major problem is with the way the villains are written and acted. They’re all smarmy, smirky, simpering sorts, a 21st century version of a moustache twirl.

And yes, this is likely the tip of an iceberg of poor writing and lazy characterisation, and yes, they do seem more interesting in clever labyrinthine plotting than in creating anything really lasting and meaningful but… I keep coming back for more so I’m very much part of the problem.


Bit of both, it is and was a kid’s shoe but there were some absolutely brilliant episodes (blink being the standout imo). There was also a lot of dross even when it was ‘good’


No, Shit Sherlock!


I thought it was watchable, but they’ve continued with that stuff that began in S3 where they assume we’re all so in love with the characters that we’re not too bothered about mystery solving anymore we’re just happy with the soapy stuff.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Starting with S3E1, which was just a Tumblr fan-theory wet dream, it’s been about creating Giffable moments and getting REACTIONS. The first two series were about needlessly complicated - but enthralling - mysteries, and great chat between Cumberbatch and Freeman. This felt like it was returning to that, until the dead kid in the Ford Focus turned out to be a red herring and then it was suddenly about Amanda Abbingdon being some kind of freelance James Bond.

Also, after making us wait 3 years, copping Sherlock out of killing that mad billionaire guy by going ‘Oh, er, we CGI’d a sniper in. nothing to see her, move along’ just felt really, really lazy.


So much this. I couldn’t give a shit about any of the characters, just give me interesting cases and cool problem solving.