Sherlock S4


Watched this last night. Here are my highly valued opinions:

  1. It was shit
  2. She's not dead is she? This was the only way Sherlock could protect her - make everyone believe she was dead. Otherwise why was he goading an old lady into shooting at them?
  3. Even Sherlock wouldn't have said 'tell me about the vinyl seats' as the very first thing. unless he had just been watching that ad. Preposterous.
  4. I propose a new fiction rule - dead means dead.
  5. Something deeply insightful.
  6. It was shit.

Thanks for reading.




Both Sherlock/Doctor Who (and the two are increasingly interchangeable) are just serving an obsessive fan base with no thought to the dispassionate viewer.

It's the 'bubble' writ large. Everything just refers to itself and those on the outside are not catered for. So the shows become increasingly caricatured and confused. They don't have to make sense anymore as long as they shoe horn in call backs to previous episodes.


Not going to watch it because it was always patchy and then simply not good enough.

But, he's still a murderer, right?

Will that ever be addressed?


They used CGI to make it look like he's not a murderer.


Oh fuck off moriarty


Fucking hell


I did like that one tbf, though it could have been an hour with the half an hour of Garth Marenghi-school slow motion and insular twisty someone saying "miss me" AGAIN cut out


To be fair, I really enjoyed that. Still entirely ludicrous, but entertaining at least


Yeah, just about held together on the back of your man Toby Jones' performance.


The first Smith series is Dr Who at its best and Moffat exercising restraint. The rest of his run was very up and down. Capaldi has been odd. Didn't like Clara that much either (nothing to do with JLC, more the writing) which harms his two series. First one is solid with a couple of belters, the last was probably Moffat's best since his first.

Moffat has given us so, so many of the best moments in modern Who history but he needs to move on now.


Yeah that was probably the best one since S2. Stupid and contrived and everything but good fun


So once they are dead they have to exit the series never to return even in ghost form, a hard deadexit?


Watchable because of some excellent perfomances and a great script but come on guys. You need some low-key mystery episodes to make the THIS IS THE BIGGEST THING TO HAPPEN TO THEM EVER episodes mean something.

Also Una Stubbs got the best joke in about Molly "lowering her standards a bit".


I openly laughed at the bit where she pulled up in the Aston, and Mrs HYG said "How come she has a car like that?", then she promptly explained it and it was like, yeah, makes sense.


She reminded me of the droid in Rogue one a bit if you know what I mean.
Getting a bit fed up of this formula where Sherlock makes you think he hasn't predicted the exact situation 3 weeks before only to find out he has x 10 per episode


Yeah, the issue with the whole thing, aside from being utterly insufferable, is that it's so hollow - nothing matters, there's no jeopardy, everything can be undone, nothing in permanent. If something bad happens, it'll be fixed, it's just the audience who were wrong. Great, cheers.


The smuggest pile of shit on television.


*well-written and well-acted shit.