Sherlock S4


I think the acting’s better than some people give it credit for. Imagine if lesser performers than Brundlefly and Tim From The Office were having to deliver some of that dialogue, though.


Yeah Englebert Bumbaclart and the other one are decent. my post was more a dig at the writing really


JAMES CORDEN: Oh no Sherlock the Detective has died, and I saw him explode and the individual fragments of his face fly off into every one of the compass directions

PETER CAPALDI: Oh did I really

JAMES CORDEN: But how did you do that?

PETER CAPALDI: I decided that I would come back to life

(they do a gif)

PETER CAPALDI: Now that I solved the mystery by coming back to life. I’m going to have a nice wee in the toilet

JAMES CORDEN: You’ve earned it, pal

PETER CAPALDI is weeing in the toilet, when suddenly he notices that the rhythm formed by the impact of his urinary output on the water that resides within the toilet says “MISS ME?” in morse code

PETER CAPALDI: Moriarty! He’s in my bladder of course.

JAMES CORDEN: Gah! The cad was right under yer nose the whole time

PETER CAPALDI: Not quite, Clara! He was just under my kidneys

PETER CAPALDI tries to prise his body open so he can apprehend the vile fiend and if you look closely in the mirror, you can see AIDAN MOFFAT chortling away at how his audience will never expect this twist


prob the best episode since the end of series two. Which isn’t saying much. But still, bd.


First half hour = bad
Middle bit = very good but should’ve been the whole thing
End = good

And the part where the nurse basically looks at the camera and says that the show isn’t as good as it was was just the fucking worst



Was the lady on the bus actually the same actress as the therapist / Sherlock’s sister? They didn’t look at all alike.


[spoiler]Yes, Sian Brooke.

Not sure if links will work inside spoliers…


Fair play, they did a cracking job with it, I was totally fooled.


Nah she looked especially weird when she was the psychatrist - when’s she going to take her wig and specs off. Also when she first turned up as the daughter we were ‘that’s not the same actress?’.

Maybe you need a new telly.


I probably should have actually watched it instead of being on my laptop and occasionally looking up at the telly to take the piss, but I still maintain the therapist / daughter don’t look at all like bus lady.


Why was Toby Jones “The most dangerous, the most despicable human being” that Sherlock has ever encountered? Bit much. Poor Moriarty


Was part of the setup for the big heroin fuelled conspiracy theory thing I guess


The thing about Toby Jones’ character that really got to me is that he was just a straight-up renaming of Ol’ Jimmy Savile. On TV, obviously creepy, gives a lot to charity, hangs round hospitals he helped build for his own nefarious purposes… I’m surprised the BBC were happy with it.


So, were we meant to not realise that Bus Girl, Dumb Accent Therapist and Fake Daughter were the same person? Because it was blindingly obvious to me. My girlfriend thought I’d gone bonkers, and when the ‘big reveal’ happened I accidentaly punched her, I was fist-pumping so hard.

This was better than last week’s, but that really isn’t a high bar to clear. And the fact they’ve had to contrive to keep Tim and Zaphod Beeblebrox apart is still totally fucking obvious, and ruining the show.


I had no idea.


proper Clark Kent/Superman business.


Who is Zaphod?




Resident Cumberbitch signing in, watching at least one episode tonight, will keep you posted OBVIOUSLY


I think I liked the second episode better, nice cliffhanger at the end there. Intrigued to see where they’ll take the “Miss Me?” thing from here.

Obvs not as good as the first to seasons, but all in all good fun for the fans (like me) at least