She's turned the Weansday thread against us!

Morning all, how’re we doing?

Our lovely neighbours in the flat below who work for Festival Republic dropped by last night and gave us free Citadel tickets. Somehow I’ve never seen Bonobo live before so looking forward to that on Sunday (and to a slightly lesser extent Laura Marling, Wild Beasts and Foals).

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Hello jezzman. I think i’m editing an advert for dog food today so there’s that …i need a coffee.


What a treat. I was offered free tickets to an event on Clapham Common this Saturday. On the one hand the human league are there. On the other hand, so are toyah, Chesney Hawks, Boney M and a number of also-rans, and the whole thing’s compered by pat sharp and dave Benson Philips, so I think I’ll give it a miss.

Morning all!

Alright ezzer. Ooft I thought you were gainfully unemployed for a bit? I guess it’s hard to turn down those dog food megabucks.

Oh man, can just imagine how wacky Pat Sharp and DBP would make that. Can you not just turn up for Human League and then sod off? I quite like the fact that I haven’t paid for these so I’ve been eyeing up the ‘last entry at 8pm’ on the tickets.

Yeah i hoped id have a week or two off but gotta take work when it’s there innit. Even if it is for… dog… food … :confused:

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Aw that’s lovely!! After many many years my neighbours have never done anything for me like that! Might have a knock round today and make some shouty demands.

Anyway, much like any other morning I’m sat drinking some tea. I’m wondering if I went a little crafting crazy yesterday, pretty sure I spent somewhere in the region of a hundred golden squids on yarns, dowels, copper beads (initially misspelled that as cooper, I’m imaging the mini head of agent dale cooper in bead form) to make millions of what will be hideous string wall hangings and plant pot holders… OH WELL, until they all arrive I can sit and imagine whatever I make will be a masterpiece!!! :thinking:

@ericthefourth I hope you get some cool free dog food related merchandise! Or even… a free dog!! My bfs mum had a job where she handed out free samples in supermarkets and one time it was for pedigree chum! She gave me an awesome tshirt after she’d finished with a dog on the front, it said something along the lines of “mouth-wateringly meatier chunks” on the back. It was a good gym tshirt.


Gotta keep the…dog…from the…door?

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Sorry to tell you this but i will be sat in a large open plan office and there wont be a doggo in sight. :frowning_face:

think I need a new job. Anyone hiring?

going to get my haircut today, getting the undercut down to a 1 or a 0 i reckon.

should also clean the house and do the ironing, might just tidy and hoover, cant be bothered with a big clean

I turned down work today as I am going over to the kids school for their 50th anniversary mass and to give out lollies this afternoon.

anyone watch Secrets on your Lawn on bbc4 last night? - excellent close ups of mini beasts. Got a bit dull with lichen chat but then went back to the foxes! Going to watch it again with the kids I reckon

I find this hard to believe

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well, depends how moss mad you are I guess.

What’s up with your job Warny?

love moss, me.

Really weird atmosphere at work at the moment: lots of senior management changes, people quitting; others being promoted into new jobs without the posts being advertised, creating HUGE levels of bad feeling etc etc. Can’t be arsed with it.

When I did supply, I was offered a grand total of one and a half days work in schools. One of the days I had an interview and couldn’t cover.

Wait, a dog food commercial without a dog in it?



I read that as “I’m eating an advert for dog food today”

Not got much more to say than that really.


ha, there is plenty round here…how’s life with the baby? nice timing for your summer holiday huh?

:confused: there might be a dog hidden in there somewhere. Have this one for now…

He annoyingly turned away just as I took the photo. I always feel a little creepy taking photos of other people’s dogs without their permission. Yet I still do it quite a lot.

I see your advert on dog food and raise you a translation about condoms and lube.

Image searched a Spanish term I’d never heard of and it turned out to be genital warts.