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I’m currently halfway through watching Good Omens and enjoying it on the whole. One of the things that I’m picking up from the TV series that I didn’t get from the books as a kid is Aziraphael and Crowly’s relationship, which could be characterised as “more than just friends”, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed:

But it got me thinking - I don’t “ship” people or really write “head-canon” or imagine lives for characters beyond the text - nothing against people who do, it’s just not how I interact with works I enjoy. But a lot of shipping is based on making gay couple out of pairs of men - Kirk and Spock, Finn and Poe, Captain America and Bucky, Aziraphael and Crowly etc - and while I understand this as a response to gay people not being adequately represented in art, I wonder if it does a disservice to the idea of platonic male friendships? I dunno, maybe this is just comparable to how men and women in films and TV are rarely allowed to be “just friends”.

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Not sure I do this much either, although I remember shipping Lyra and Will so hard I almost combusted.

Is it really shipping if it’s a canonical couple? (I have no idea)

Don’t know actually. But I was before they got it on anyway.

You keep saying this word shipping
And I don’t know what it means


Is this a lyric or something or would you actually like it explained?


Shipping is when you take fictional characters and imagine them in a relationship. So, you might “ship” Rey and Kylo in Star Wars for example. Sometimes this might just be something you want to see happen, sometimes if might be something you think is already implied in the work but not made explicit. In some fandoms, there is a lot of same-sex shipping which is what I was interested to discuss here, but it doesn’t seem like many people have an appetite for it this rainy Monday afternoon.

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not really anybody’s business what the relationship status of fictional characters is

thought you didn’t do books?

It’s a bit like the Mormons baptising people into the church who are already dead. Except, fictional I guess, so better.

what have books got to do with it?

just leave them in peace


quite: I didn’t read your reply properly. Apologies!

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Yeah, and if you ship a couple that then gets together in canon, then “your ship has sailed”

TW: Harry Potter chat

There was all-out war between the Harry/Hermione and Ron/Hermione shippers when the book series was still unfinished, and when R&H eventually got together it was beautiful to watch the meltdown :smiley:

What about Harry/Ron shippers?

I ssseeeeeeee. Thanks!



Too busy reading/writing erotic fanfiction because they knew it’d never be canon, along with the Draco/everyone, Snape/everyone, Remus/Sirius shippers

I did believe that last one was going to be canon at one point, tho

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Good lord it’s a whole other world