Shit jobs

Just to be clear I am aware that people need these jobs and have to take them.

‘Space Here’ sign holding in Supermarket car parks at Christmas.

Spud peeler in the army?

Do you get interviewed for that? Is that the entire role?

Pretty sure they use machines these days

You’ll get some daft cunt in here in a minute saying “at least it’s better than working in an office!!” as if “office job” means anything.

teaching in a state school


A lot of really shit jobs are along the lines of" there is a machine that can do this, but it’s cheaper to hire you to do it by hand"



Sure sounds like a right ol’ laugh, but you get shafted over by supermarkets and the government, have to shovel inexplicable amounts of shit, kill cute fluffy animals every so often, and do it all in the rain.

Kind of looks like he is shitting all of that out


Agreed, I think we have to take him at his word though

Cold-calling call centre operator person. That must suck total balls.


Lasted 45 minutes doing that once, really grim.


“Yeah but the animals!” Grow up. It’s minimum wage manual labour with questionable safety standards, piss-poor job security, and 80% of your job is shoveling shit.

Doubt it. I can only count 1,038. BIG OL’ LYING ARMY DOUCHE.

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Those dominos employees who stand on the roadside in a sandwich board shaped like a pizza box

I did nearly two days. Trying to sell financial advice to high powered people in banks… I shit you not.

Were you giving the advice as well or just selling it?

No just booking time for an adviser to see them. I mainly sat alone in a small office not calling anyone.