Shit Neighbours

Sounds like she is.

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Scott’s got great chat though tbf

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Shame about the execution.

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Oof, just in time.

Also, this has to be the most ridiculously thinly veiled ‘I’m having sex more than once a week’ post I’ve ever seen.


Out of interest, what’s “on time”?

I feel like I am being judged when I take my bins in when I get home from work, and everyone else has done theirs already. It’s like guys, I couldn’t have taken them in earlier, I HAVE A JOB

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Haha. Happy to brag, it had been long enough.

Seriously though, she’s doing unbelievable porn noises and fooling nobody. If both of our windows are open, it’s like we’re in the same room.

Got a new neighbour upstairs recently and she came down to collect a package that the postie had left with us.

Girl upstairs - Oh so you’re the guy that always has music playing and is always singing along?!

Me - eh yeah i guess that’s me, sorry if the music is ever too loud.

Girl upstairs now laughing - haha its no bother at all, you don’t have a very good voice!

Me - what, i can hold a note!

Girl upstairs - no you can’t but please don’t stop practising!



Can’t decide whether this is extremely rude or the beginning of a porno


Just needs some SOAWJO to complete the scene


When is she moving in? :wink:


Bins don’t bother me, this is my parents house. One neighbour will come home but leave his bins out for a day or two. Considering it’s an otherwise immaculate cul-de-sac it sticks out a bit. It’s the only thing they have to complain about tbf.

Was gonna complain about our neighbour smoking in the communal stairwell, but feels a bit churlish in light of some of these.

REALLY stinks though. And we’re only on the first floor. And her husband maintains the communal garden really nicely as well.

I live in a cul de sac too, most of the bins are near the street already and moved about six inches onto the pavement on bin day, it doesn’t look all that different

We’ll have a Dylan singalong some night and see what she says afterwards! Bootleg Series Volume 4!

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maybe i’ll have a wee sing song tonight and see what happens :wink:


There must be a song out there about falling in love with the girl upstairs. That should do it.

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Might be slightly scary if you start singing this though


Sexy times or restraining order, who can tell :woman_shrugging:

the tv might start getting suspicious :slight_smile: