Shit! Notre Dame isn't being rebuilt because of the rich!

Pretty sad this


Fuck. Saw a pic earlier but didn’t realise it had got to the stage of collapsing. :pensive:

Awful stuff :slightly_frowning_face:

Fuck I thought this was going to be a jordan thread.

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Hope the hunchback is ok

(Presume that no-one has been caught up in the fire as there are no reports of that)


Absolutely gutted about this. I went there the summer before starting uni when I was still waiting for my A level results, lit one of the votives to pray for good results but didn’t donate towards the votive… did excellently in the exams and then was miserable at uni. Karma innit.

Very fond memories of being there though :sob:

Sound advice


Notre dame’s on fire
Quasimodo’s terrified

(same disclaimer as yours)

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The spire’s gone. There’s something fucking awful about watching a piece of incredible history and culture disappear forever.

Something about mortality or something, dunno


Apart from the people trying to put it out you mean?

Sorry that’s quite trite of me. Police have confirmed no fatalities so far and let’s all hope it stays that way.

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This was apparently being renovated. Humans cannot do anything right, can we? We fuck everything up.


Except build it in the first place


Fucking hell this is awful

Very sad when anything like this happens but all art and monuments have their time, imagine trying to live with all of human history surrounding you.

Let’s hope nobody is seriously hurt

looks like an insurance job so they can put up some luxury student flats


I think he’s making a slightly different point.

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Like with Windsor Castle, renovation is when old buildings are most vulnerable to this kind of thing.

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Yeah fine, it’s not a competition

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