Shit On Tripadvisor (Rolling)

Thread for all that shit you find on Tripadvisor

Oooh my old local is brilliant to read the reviews of.

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Do you read your family’s pubs reviews?

Yeah, they do a cash bonus if you’re clearly identified by name or description in a positive review so sometimes I like to be nosey :sweat_smile:. Think the only bad reviews I can see going back six months is someone who didn’t have a booking and they couldn’t accommodate a table of six plus highchair on a friday night (!), and a waiter dropping a starter (baked camembert) that they then had to wait for and didn’t want anything complimentary in the meantime. Think my folks will take that :laughing:

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— THE KID MERO 🇩🇴 (@THEKIDMERO) November 2, 2012
Still think about this tweet from time to time

Only complaint (other than normal restaurant stuff, something cold/late etc) I ever dealt with was an older family who kicked-up a fucking stink when I was working that we didn’t have a table of four immediately and not their “usual” one.

“But we always come here as a special treat for Albert’s birthday and always sit on table X”.

“So you visit once a year…”

Predictably that went down like a lead balloon :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Desus and mero on youtube is never less than hilarious. Fucking love it

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Classic Dan


I remember this from old DiS. So tragically weird.

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God, the reviewer is such a fucking bellend

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What do you expect in Aberdeen?

I liked this tweet


A few reviews of the hotel in my village. I could spend ages reading their Tripadvisor page.

From my fav bar in Edinburgh.

Love the idea of the English being discriminated against in central Edinburgh. Have you been to that city before?!?


The other day someone in Edinburgh muttered to me “…bloody British” in a strong Scottish accent :roll_eyes:

I think she meant to say English but done herself instead so I kept on walking

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