Shit school trips

Here’s my top 3:

  • Supposed to see Franny Drake’s Golden Hind as part of a history trip but the weather was too windy and it wasn’t safe for the coach to cross the Humber Bridge :disappointed_relieved:

  • Some kind of Geography trip to the seaside to study coastal erosion but a car crashed into the coach en route, ambi-copter came, was all pretty serious but no casualties. Got there in the afternoon and just pissed about on the beach for a bit.

  • Sewage works, literally shit.

What’ve you got chiefs?

looking for bugs over the wall at the back of the school


Geography trip to Liverpool to see this housing: << quite interesting when you’re grown up but for 14 year olds? Nah.

See also: Singleton (the Weald and Downland Museum). So fucking boring.

I also have a vague memory of going to a farm but the farm was just crops, no animals. Obvs this was somewhere on the Isle of Wight.

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School-based ones were always the worst. My wife went to an all girls’ catcholic school in SW London and they thought one of their school trips was to Thorpe Park. Turns out that was bollocks and they had to go to a different part of the school and talk to a 90 year old nun.

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The refuse centre at New Cross near the Millwall ground.

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:grinning: that is weak.

this was probably the best

a really ropey theme park where you ended up with bruises from screws and that sticking out of the rides


Who are you, are you a new poster?

Geography trip on a double decker bus around various bits of Glasgow, which was fine until they took us to Easterhouse for what I can only imagine was the ‘here is where the poor people live’ bit.


My wife went to an all girls’ catholic school in SW London too. I’ll enquire about her school trips.

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Getting married there. Very pretty, but yes, very boring for school kids

Bewl Water - A water reservoir, boring and shit.

A farm that is colloquially known as “Smelly Corner” in my hometown - Boring, smelly and shit.

Paddock Wood Hop Farm - Would probably be dead interesting now as it’s my family’s heritage and that but as a 15 year old? Boring and shit.



Nice! Yep, when I was 11 it was very very shit. Would quite like to have a nosey around now. Just went on the website and it looks pretty nice tbh

Went to Lincoln in Year 7 to ask people questions in the town centre


Well, next time you 2 are cycling the south coast, you should pop in for an hour (or don’t as it’s fucking expensive)

On International Water Day our Brownie group made us walk 5 miles to the sewage plant, have a tour then walk 5 miles back.

Best trip was to Germany where we went to a theme park (I think owned by Michael Jackson?!) and a vineyard). Think it was 36 hours in a coach each way :open_mouth:

Once had a geography lesson that involved walking from school through the village I lived in; in an hour long loop. We passed my house on the way back after returning to school, school then ended and I then had to walk back home again.

Best was Magma Science Adventure Centre it had a fire tornado.


I reckon a lot of these trips would be good now. I thought everything was boring when I was at school.

I remember Duxford Museum being so dull, and some lads from my year getting caught nicking models from the gift shop.

My Primary school did anual trips to the local library where we got to go into the archive room. We also had a trip around a local power station and one of those “scare straight” tactics where they took us to visit the local police station where we got to see inside one of the holding cells.


(I grew up here and this was a regular school trip in secondary school).