Shit shit that you have on display to not upset people

Got a shitty wooden carved sculpture thing of a couple that me mam gave us when we got married that is guiltily semi on display. Also got a glass pink heart statuette thing from my uncle-in-law but no one likes him so that one got hidden (wasn’t allowed to chaz it).


Thought that was illegal




Thankfully nothing.

At this point everything M brings home from nursery she knows goes in the recycling. Terrible mother. Luckily she loves getting rid of stuff.

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Oh yeah, got loads of that shit about too. A recent picture of Sideboard from Teen Titans (I explained that it was Cyborg)


cushion with a dog on it

:laughing: brill

Chinese tea set (from my Dad)
Terrible art deco style bowl (from my Mum)
Glass flower thing (from my Mum)

^ all ditched when we moved house. So nothing now.

Not me, but some friends of mine have a brilliantly shit drawing of them on their wedding day. Her parents paid an artist to do it based on a photo from the day and it’s really, really bad. :smiley:

It sits face down on a shelf and they have to remember to lift it up when the parents visit.


got one of these awful, awful ‘wood’ carving things at top of stairs from some family member, not sure who
Like I don’t fucking exist!!


Yeah that is the style we have.

My mum stayed in my flat for a week and put up a few family portraits on my shelves and the fridge. Have to remember to put them back up whenever she visits.

Also am very reluctantly keeping some plants alive that my ex gave me when we broke up. Not that it would upset her if they died but I’m pretty sure she only gave them to me to prove I’m not a responsible person and I don’t want her to win.


my mam gave gf one of them crappy wooden signs that says

that has been hung from various nails around the house since. might get lost in the move


answers are touch move your fucking shit shit


A watercolour of some bridge in Paris that my dad bought for me from one of those people who sell watercolours of bridges in Paris next to bridges in Paris


:crown: WIPE PAWS AND CARRY ON ’ mat that my landlord’s parents (who are now basically our landlords because he’s a fucking wreck) decided to put in our house. Which no one asked for.

For me personally it’s the creepy dog photo, I am hoping that will get moved now. Have strongly implied I’d like it to be moved somewhere else.

never had my own place so I’m really not bothered by what stuff is anywhere

My mum bought me a mountain warehouse top for xmas. Not to my taste at all. No idea why she decided to choose my clothes when im 38…

Wore it when she came to visit the other week just to pretend i wasnt totally ungrateful. Will probay get another one this xmas now

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Worst thing is kids memories. The other day R was asking about a cartoon he drew years ago that I had safely put away. (In the bin) he searched the drawers and everything, I had to say it was in the memory box in the attic. It might actually be tbh.