Shit things (light mode)

• those Coors Light idents on All4. The shittest thing I’ve seen recently
• those ‘manage everything, even London’ tube adverts. Second shittest thing I’ve seen recently.

As the title indicates, this is a light hearted thread. There are obviously much, much shitter things in the world.

File under “Jesus Londoners, get over yourselves Pt 1,452,234”


I really dislike adverts, but I think idents might be even worse.

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Yes they are truly awful.


sadpunk, proud sponsor of Scott_Chegg on DiS.

This is now the “those Monday adverts are fucking annoying and they’re even more annoying when you realise that annoying you was what they were trying to do so that you would remember them and then discuss them on social media” thread.

eurgh - lets all deliberately forget them now

Taking four 6/7 year old boys to McDonald’s.


My life currently.