Shit things


Government Gateway


You’ve got to kiss as you pass each other


Electric hobs


Diesel cars.




is that that thing you have to set up if you want to do a self assessment?

angry just thinking about online self assessment


Yup, Well you can also do other shit on it too. It has taken me six months to be able to do what I wanted and it was only because I got in through the back door when renewing my driver’s licence. Which needs renewing because the photo is 10 years old so they are going to use my 8 year old passport photo for the next decade.


Getting a haircut.

20 minutes of being sat in a chair forced to make small talk whilst staring at my own receding hairline? No ta.


Just had to fill in a “Strengthscope”. It was shit.


Dull. And bollocks.

Is that the one where you get given some sort of wheel affair as results?


This to the op




Used to think this but they were forced upon me and I’ve got used to them now and I think they are actually the best kind of hob. Mostly due to the fact they’re a lot easier to keep clean.


Yeah all those prick countries with their nationalism when really they wish they could be as Great as Britain!


Food allergies


I’m looking to get some diesel hobs.


Total ball ache when you have to turn down the heat to simmer something after having it on full heat


Euro VI ones are fine.

(Might make this my new “thing”, I’ve lost the fight on “text” being used as a past tense)


because you never use them to cook on since it’s such a pain in the arse


Induction > gas > electric