Shit thread about rugs


I live in a top floor flat with exposed wooden floorboards, and am therefore after many large rugs. However, it turns out that rugs are spectacularly expensive. E.g. £1000+ for a 3m x 3m wool rug.

Any tips on where I can get something that’s a bit more reasonable, but still thick enough to dampen the sound a bit?

And does anyone know of a decent rug shop in London?


best option is to import one yourself


Go to one of those independent carpet places you get in semi-industrial areas and buy a load of off cuts or a rug size bit of carpet.


How does one go about doing that?


I tried this, and aso looked at websites that used carpet offcuts to make rugs. I though it was a pretty good option, but my girlfriend thinks the carpets are not made thick enough and therefore they don’t cut out enough of the sound


mental eh? I thought by now folk would have figured out how to churn them out for pennies but even the ikea ones aren’t cheap.

maybe it’s all a racket.


I am obsessed with rugs, have more rugs than I have floor space. Urban Outfitters have large ones quite cheap BUT they’re thin as fuck so probably not worth it if you want it for sound dampening.

Wilkos has loads, better choice online than in store. I got a massive one for a tenner!


The only advice I can give is don’t buy a black rug when you’ve got a white haired cat. Proper school boy error that was.


dye the cat


(or the rug)


you’ll have a job if it’s a black rug.


sneak it through customs wrapped in a rug


It’s mainly the noise of our footsteps we’re trying to reduce. It travels through to the flat below, and we don’t like feeling that we need to tiptoe around the place the whole time.


idk what your actual budget is but if you want a decent one that the people making it get most of the money for


Just buy rugs that are big enough for your feet and walk around with those on instead.


Shall we just reach the inevitable DiS conclusion now, get out two or three mortgages and buy the most expensive rug known to man, get it personally delivered to you that day
Anything else is actual bullshit and an act of shame


Do you want to borrow twenty quid, mate?


still waiting for that 20 quid. am very hungry :frowning:


just cover your room in egg cartons


Get it from Ruffers in a minute.