Shit TV you've just got into



Sisterhood of Hip Hop - reality series following a few American ‘femcees’ carving a career in the male-dominated hip hop world. Michael from The Wire turned up in it last night, big time producer now apparently.

I’ve taken to calling the show Weaves and Beeves.

What TV show should I watch next? [Boxset Chat 2016]

I’m half way into Gilmore Girls season 3, first time watching it.



You’re gonna get a pasting whacking this in the Shit TV thread sheeldz! I’d run while you still can man!


All TV is shit though. and in my defence, i didn’t read the thread properly.


Housemate has got me in to that seven year switch programme where married couples swap their couples (American and aussie version) and decide whether or not to stay together aftwr seeing what it could have been like being married to someone else. She always apologises for getting me into shit tv. Last one was love island and i genuinely secretly enjoyed the ridiculousness of it.


Fapps that sounds like the epitome of shit TV, I reckon I’d love it! Have you seen any episodes where they decide to divorce?!


Yeah in the american one…

Only started the aussie one but its a lot better and more dramatic imo.


I’m watching series 4 of Coach Trip on all4. 50 episodes!



Does series 4 hold a special place in your heart Lonz? Does Brendan say something outrageously camp?


Jess is shit, good addition. GG isn’t though.


I don’t know why that made it really big and bold, it was meant to be a hashtag


I vaguely recognise the people on there but think I only saw an episode or two.

There is almost a fight on the coach which is great. You can watch it here if you are in another country:


is that the series with the return of Glenys and Ray


They are in the first two episodes but I don’t think it is a return.


they were defo on another series before


Celebs go dating

I told myself i wouldn’t get sucked in but i did


Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

Ridiculous sitcom based on the premise that the main character is a terrible human, that was ultimately cancelled towards the end of series two. It’s smarter and funnier than the plot suggests and probably didn’t find an audience as a result. Bloody love it though, especially James Van Der Beek playing James Van Der Beek.


Trapped - icelandic crime caper. Looks really nice.


Good show


You’re shit