Shit / Unimpressive Cycle Lanes



There’s even a little sign that says “end of cycle path”.

It’s also quite hard to hit if you’re coming downhill because you’re going fast and have to do a VERY sharp left.


I don’t really have anything for this thread I’m afraid.


I know of a really stupid one, but can’t find a picture. Sorry.


There’s a bit of a shit effort in Brum city centre along the tram lines. It’s on the road for about 50 yards, then goes onto the pavement and there’s a ‘Bike wankers prohibited’ sign straight away.




It’s been changed now, but this lane, in Harlow, was quite funny:


Big fan of these locally. Great effort.


I know :frowning:

My commute is very quiet with no “bad” cycle paths – it’s mainly quiet roads.

When I go out for longer rides they’re all on good country lanes.


Holy crap. Is there no-one who just says “hang on a minute…”???


Still annoyed at how bad the new cycle lanes are around Elephant & Castle. Like cycling on a cobbled road. New roads that were laid at the same time are smooth as you like.