Shit your parents played that has stuck

Bowie - mum
T-Rex - mum
Queen - both
Frankie Valli - dad
Gerry & the Pacemakers - dad

There are others but I’m boozy

You go…


Mostly my Dad:

The Carpenters
Boney M
Pink Floyd
Brotherhood Of Man

(Even the last one, I’m glad of.)

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Which song was the first Bowie you heard?

I’d probably heard a few songs of his beforehand without knowing but Absolute Beginners and was the first song I loved of his. Obviously not Bowie’s best but it’s such a brilliant song. I had it on Now That’s What I Called Music 1986. My Dad bought me it from Our Price. I’m showing my age. I’ll stop.

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Paul Simon - Graceland is the only one I really still listen to regularly - I know this is quite a common answer for those around my age


(Allow me one last post tonight whilst drunk.)

As a ten year old and watching the video “You Can Call Me Al” I thought that Chevy Chase was the singer of the song and the other guy (Paul Simon) was a nobody, just a filler.


Haha…me too…and you evoke a dear memory of my late father explaining this to me and me taking a while to believe him :slight_smile:




Not sure… want to say Starman but its hazy

I remember spinning around on my knees, getting dizzy, listening to my folks 7" of Come on Eileen at about 3, having the time of my life… it start somewhere

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Long car drives to Cornwall were spent listening to ELO, Blondie, Carly Simon and Helen Reddy (Angie Baby remaining one of the creepiest songs I’ve heard). Love them all still.

A lot of you folks clearly had younger, cooler parents than me! My dad was only into classical and my mum didn’t really listen to any music except John Denver and James Galway on rare occasions.

The only thing that was played regularly that has stuck with me is Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits album, it still evokes memories of rainy Sundays and the smell of roast dinner cooking.


Yeah, a car stereo staple. Know that album inside out.

Also - the Pogues.

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U2 (and I’m not even ashamed because I associate them so strongly with my dad that I could never hate them no matter how awful Bono is.)
Christy Moore, Mary Black, other Irish folky bits of the early-to-mid 80s

Some stuff never stuck at all despite being played a lot - they’re both really into Springsteen but it’s taken me years to pay him much attention. Ditto Neil Young.

Tom Petty
Fleetwood Mac
Roachford (only evwr listened to the second album, but still)
Belinda Carlisle

From my mum:
The Jam
Elvis Costello
Leon Russell
Carole King
Loads really

From my dad:
The Pogues
He’s not Irish (well, like 1/4) but just loves a drunk singalong.


Neither of my parents into music at all. Grew up in a house with two lps, Simon and Garfunkel greatest hits and holsts The Planets. Played them both to death before going out to buy my own records with my pocket money. Aged fifteen my dad took me to one side and very seriously said “I think you have enough records now, this is getting a bit ridiculous” (I had maybe thirty?)

I think I’m adopted.

Still like a bit of Simon and Garfunkel mind you.


My dad loved Dylan and Bowie, but also had about ten car tapes he used to rotate on a fairly regular basis. Called things like “Party Tape 2” and “Album Tracks 4”. So loads of the songs from those have stuck. They tended to have things like Lindisfarne, Genesis and 10CC on, but were a right mixed bag. My favourites were Drive by The Cars, Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart by Gene Pitney and Marc Almond, and Big Area by Then Jericho.

When he turned 60 a few years ago, I made him four CDs with 15 songs on each, almost all of which were songs I remembered from car journeys and therefore associated with him. I thought it was a nice thing to do but I don’t think he was that arsed about getting them tbh…


Travelling Wilburys was the main car tape for us. Think my Dylan love stems from Tweeter and the Monkey Man being my favourite track back then.

Then a load of Beatles, particularly Help! which is still their best album for me because of the big joyful hit I get from it.

Dad used to play guitar a lot and was less self conscious about singing when we were small. He liked some country cowboy stuff so that started a love of Hank Williams and the like.

Also no forgetting Lily The Pink by The Scaffold, what a banger

All my Dad, my Mum is not major into music.

  • Nirvana - my Dad played me and my brother his old cassette of Smells Like Teen Spirit in the late 90’s and got us both hooked.
  • Green Day - this was a weird one, my Dad would get ripped CD’s from work and he got obsessed with Nimrod and Warning. To this day those are still two of my favourite albums, they remind me of long car trips as a kid.
  • The The - my Dad’s favourite band, and another he used to play in the car a lot.

Primed for an awesome rebelion