Shit your parents played that has stuck

Oh God I’m old enough to be your dads

I got constant Beatles, Queen, Moody Blues, Yes and Paul Simon from my folks. Don’t mind some of it, cannae stand most. Then mum went into a period of taping some of my CDs and playing them incessantly, thus ruining Deserter’s Songs, the Stone Roses and Discovery for a decade.


Don’t know how old you are but you’d have to be in your 70s to be my dad!


Ha, yeah, my mum was always telling me to turn down the racket of Adam and the Ants, Genesis or Queen, I was such a rebel! :slight_smile:

Some of your dads, anyway :slight_smile:


yeah, I’m almost old enough to be your dad! (51) :slight_smile:

Aye, but they’d have written uncomplimentary headlines about you in the S*n :wink:

Now noticed the almost :smiley:

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Nirvana is the one that always makes me smile.

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Nirvana and Green Day as Dad Music boggles my mind :smiley:


Yeah I was thinking the other day about how dad rock is a totally different thing now - also dad hip-hop, dad techno etc.

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I can just imagine the scenario: “yeah, my folks were always playing this whiny heritage rock stuff. Can’t remember their name, but the singer kept going on about kicking squealing Gucci little piggies or something like that”


Yeah, Endtroducing is totally Dad hip-hop

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tbf I added that in an edit as I realised my maths was off!

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Beach boys
Barry white
Rolling stones

Michael Jackson mainly :+1:
Loads of rock and/or roll
David Cassidy
Bee Gees (underrated)

Good to see loads of people here remember their Dads enjoying music that I bought myself when it came out. I used to have to play my Pogues tape with the volume turned down super low in my bedroom with the door shut in case my dad heard the swears and threw it out. 36 I was, etc etc

As far as music goes, I can definitely put the number of Billy Joel lyrics I know by heart down to my dad, but my mum pretty much gave up on music after the sixties and only listened to Cliff Richard.

How come Cliff was so popular with mum’s? I remember it being a really big thing in the 80s that mum’s got Cliff albums for Christmas. Amazing marketing.


Tough one. I think I’d have to say The Best of The Beatles


More seriously Desmond dekker and The Supremes are those that stuck

62 - 66? Or 67 -70? Totally pointless question… couldn’t care less

My dad exclusively listened to Ry Cooder and John Hiatt. My mum only listened to mum-style M.O.R. although she had a pretty good record collection (7"s especially) from when she was a kid. Being a proto-DISser at a young age, I knew the Beatles b-sides long before I knew any of their albums.