DVD player? I’ve got 3 or 4 in my loft, pal.

ea smith

it’s in the game


That came up as I was typing it you minge!

Buying a 4K TV, Jdon?

that’s DeFonto to you

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how long have you been belgian DeFonto

No, Now is not the time 8bit panel 10bit panel etc etc ‘why do we need a new telly we just got one three years ago’ etc

Think about the amount of daffs you could get with that.

in a very real sense, I’ve always been Belgian DeFonto


Is that 10bit?

you think you know a guy

Threads I Don’t Understand

how many bits does your telly have smee

I’ve never bought a flat pack TV

The panel! Say the panel not the TV you fucking amateur!

If you want teenagers to keep getting cancer then by all means buy your ridiculous TV.

  1. panel
  2. plug
  3. remote control
  4. base

that’s at least four bits

It’s a 4K picture resolution TV.
You get a free DVD player.
DVDs output standard definition maximum, which means about a 16th of the pixels in a 4K screen.

Remember when you first saw a DVD and were blown away by the clarity of the picture? This is rhetorical.