Yes it was the 21st September 2000-

Oh, rhetorical. Yeah. I mean remember those days!!!

I had Goodfellas on DVD and half way in you had to eject the disc and flip it over. It’s right around the bit where Lorraine Bracco is telling Henry’s goomah’s neighbours that there’s a whore living in their building. Thank you for reading.

remember that dvd advert that would play during the trailers on vhs films where the was a truck exploding cut really quickly with an intake of breath and then someone going “wow!”

me neither

my 1st DVD player came free with a mobile phone (this was sometime around the very late 90s/ turn of the century)

that was a good deal - it outlasted the phone by a number of years

Fucking flippers. I never bought Goodfellas for that reason. By the time they brought out a single-sided version I didn’t really buy many DVDs. Only split film DVDs I ever had were Godfather Pt 2 and the three extended editions of the LotR films, and they were all just two separate discs.

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I have that DVD - it also is incapable of displaying in the correct aspect ratio on a widescreen TV

I recently replaced it with the Blu Ray

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He’s the Frank Sinatra of the digital age.

i’m in the market for a soundbar, link me up if anyones got any deals they’ve added heat to.

The first DVD I ever watched was Rush Hour 2, which my dad bought to show off our (massive new) 32" TV. To be fair, it was mind blowing, though that could just be the mercurial chemistry of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, rather than the playback medium.