Shite Wednesday Thread

Got on the wrong train. Pissed 88 quid on another ticket. Shite Wednesday, thus far.

I hope you got an open return for that so you can hang with your old uni mate tonight for a silver lining :disappointed:

Eee its bloody grim out

Another night of about 3 hours sleep.

Howd ya manage that, ya turkey?

Just eating eggs and cheese for the first time in a month. Tastes a bit weird tbh.

I love České dráhy. Cheap, wi-fi and plentiful power sockets.

had a coffee before leaving for work today and felt full of ENERGY so i’ll be doing that forever from now on

might start fucking weighing the water and timing it and shit and being a massive dork about it

in other news our solicitor is being a right fucking twerp about something and at this extremely late stage of the process i cannot be fucked

i hope tom from decathlon calls me today

over and out.

Nothing whatsoever to report.

Hope your day improves MB!

Met for pints with the very awesome @TheBarbieMovie2023 before last nights Radio Dept show - She’s bloody hilarious! The gig was pretty great too :smile:

Is it suppose to rain all day?


don’t you dare

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Fucking hate this solicitor shit. Do you already have the keys?

Weighing water? I assume you just mean measuring it in general? There’s not some crazy new-age bullshit out there? Does this mean you’re back to being an aeropress wanker or did you use your V60 (or whatevs)?

Congrats on completing veganuary ezzer. Will it be a cheesy and eggy month do you reckon?

I like how you’re okay with her being a bike dork but this is a step too far!

You still waiting on that bike?! For shame Tom from Decathlon, for shame.

This seems really weird. How does that work? I mean if the battery is flat and the power’s off, how does the alarm make any noise?

No, we get the keys on Friday

And yeah the best way to accurately prepare a V60 pour-over is to weight the coffee / water as you’re pouring it over. I probably won’t though because I’m lazy, I just love being a huge geek about stuff.

Yep. I’ll give him today and then I’m going to shout at him down the phone. It’s bloody come back in stock online so I fucking may as well have just done that ffs.

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cheers jezzer. hmm dunno, didn’t enjoy them as much as i thought i would. gonna have pizza for dinner thogh \o/

wtf theo!


Morning all. Still reeling from an out of breath, very unfit jogger calling me a ‘bike wanker dickhead’ on my commute home yesterday.

Got the flat to myself again tonight and a reduced meat feast M&S pizza in the fridge, rock and/or roll.

Ours does the same - we’ve got someone coming out to fix it on the next couple of days. I’d presume it’s to stop people disabling the alarm system by just taking the battery out. (But they could take the electricity out and the battery out, I’m presuming)

Oh I see. I quite like this notion. I mean when I make porridge for the girl in the morning I just put the bowl on the scales, pour in the oats then the milk until it weighs the right amount. I never considered a similar system to make my pour-through coffees the same each time.

What weight of coffee are you using. I guess you’re putting in 280g of water?