Shittest deserts


Gobi, for me.


Fruit crumble.




Deserts that aren’t really deserts but like technically are? because desert doesn’t mean sandy dry place?

Get fucked.


“Ooo… Dungeness is actually a desert too…”

If if doesn’t have camels and those lizards that stand on two legs, it doesn’t count.


Who’s gunna be the first person to pretend the Sahara’s shit for indie points?





Antarctica. Ooh look at me all big and white and full of penguins. Fuck off mate, you’re just loads of ice and half of that is leaving you. Melty twat.


Never cared for the Atacama.

“Largest supply of sodium nitrate in the world”. Not for me, Clive.


^ Does not suffer from bipolar disorder.


(ant)arctic roll

(sort of works)




The Namib Desert. You’re right next to the bloody Atlantic Ocean and yet you claim to have some of the driest areas on earth? Pull the other one.