Shittest desserts


Fruit crumble. It’s never sweet enough, the fruit is usually far too tart. It’s fine as a custard delivery means but that’s literally it.




“Selection of fruit”

Fuck off, that’s not pudding.


panacotta. So bland.
Cranachan. So tart.
Fruit salad. So fruit. Who the fuck wants a salad for pudding? Nobody, apart from possibly anorexics.


Cheese board.


you fucking cunt


Nailed it Epsinho, apple pie/crumble is the absolute fucking pits. Awful tackle.


Greatest of minds :grin:


Oh yeah sure, doesn’t count. Neither does fruit cocktail, which is what that they always give you on a set menu if you’re non-dairy.


Yup. Categorically not a dessert IMO.


Anything with booze in it; rum baba, tiramisu etc.


:heavy_plus_sign: £2



a good crumble is a lovely, lovely thing. It’s just that the ratio of bad:good is so ridiculous that only a complete mug would order one


Loads of the really old school English ones that you’d get in a Toby Carvery.

Bread and butter pudding, Spotted dick, trifle with loads of sherry in it, Black Forest Gateau.


'er indoors is obsessed with making blackberry crumble at the minute. Obsessed. She picks the blackberries from the brambles behind the garage then makes a crumble most nights.

She’s taken two big trays of the stuff into work today. TWO.


Trifle. Trifle can fuck right off. What’s worse than soggy sponge? Soggy sponge that has been soaked in booze that’s what. Absolutely awful.


That’s very well-meaning and kind of her, you’re a lucky man.


Yeah cheese board as dessert - awesome.

£3 supplement - absolutely not awesome.

Pretty sure that supplement is a total con and is 100% profit.


Love a good rhubarb crumble.

Never really been a fan of crème brûlée.


I generally wouldn’t have a crumble at restaurant/pub.

But I do enjoy a homemade crumble with rhubard from the garden.