Shittest lyrics of all time


No Limp Bizkit yet huh?

“I did it all for the Nookie,
So you can take that Cookie,
And stick it up your YEAH”

“Maybe life is up and down
But, my life’s been what to now?
I crawled up your butt from hell
And that’s when things got turned around”

“Time is something that might change me,
But I can’t change time,
So fuck it.”



This has gotta be up there.

I remember thingking KFC would be a perfect date
But your a vegetarian
I found it out to late
Then you laughed it off and told me, another place another time
Since then I’m eating tofu with a salad on the side


As bad as they are written down, they are even more cringe worthy when listened to.

The “love… Lift me out of all these blues” bit is the quiet breakdown and then it tries to break into an epic final chorus.

Except the first sound of the chorus is Bono proclaiming: “A MOLE!”.


This is a bad lyrics thread not a good one


I can’t believe the ‘I crawled up your butt from hell’ is actually legit, had to google it. Unbereeeeevable!


I remember hearing that on the radio and immediately despising Bruno Mars with such a powerful intensity


The early draft of Rhythm Is A Dancer needed work.