Shitty landlord thread no. 86448864

We’ve had so many problems with our landlord that have only been resolved by us saying we’re going to report them to the ombudsman/council which i’m faced with doing again now.

Anyone done this and gotten anywhere? Is there any actual point?

No and I feel for you. Had the same thing in every property I’ve lived in.

Ones I had a broken boiler and raw sewage coming out of the ensuit. Bad times

Reported our lettings agents to the ombudsman for accusing us of not paying our rent four months out of six, then harassing us to prove it with signed letters from the bank and stuff when it was obviously a computer error on their end.

Ombudsman did not give a single fuck.

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Ombudsman is such a great word.

Hope you get this sorted man, guy sounds like a right chode. Google seems to say this:

‘Make a complaint to a ‘designated person’ (your MP, a local councillor or a tenant panel) if you can’t resolve the problem with your landlord’

I can’t imagine that’ll be a quick process somehow.

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always imagine ombudsmen/man to wear a medieval type garb. bit like a beefeater.

nothing else to contribute other than ALAB. good luck, man.

Start setting fire to things.

Ne’er a truer acronym spoken


:fist: :fist: Ah ha ha, Bary Landlord here.


Grimbles :confused: I’ve had a few bad experiences. I had a bed with a massive hole in it which I chucked out after a few months because well… it had a fuck off massive hole in it and my back was very sore as a result, I shouldn’t really have to explain why I threw it away. So, I found a futon base on the street and ended up sleeping on that for the rest of my time there, it was far superior than the block of divan brokenness I had been using but very predictably when I moved out they charged me out of my deposit the cost of a brand spanking new bed. I wish I’d argued more about it but I was weak and very bad at arguing.

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yeah feel like that’s an open goal for them. i’d’ve bought a shitty bed with a hole in it and left it for them


It is


@marckee anything to add?!?

this is my fear, so far just me threatening to go to them has been enough but what if i do now and they do nothing? it’s my whole negotiating strategy out the window!

it’s not a private landlord, it’s an actual ‘legit’ lettings agent with an office on upper street. guess i’ll just leave them a shitty review on google…

it’s sexist, that’s why you lot like it

do ombuds#men deserve their jobs?

Never had to go to an ombudsman, so nothing of use, no.

Good luck!



should i complain to the council/ombudsman about my shitty landlord?

  • Yes
  • Nah, total fucking waste of everyone’s breath, money and time

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You’d imagine it’s his issue to resolve, rather than yours.

Odd that I assume an ombudsman is a man. Probably because of ‘man’.

And ‘buds’.

Should be multiple choice this.