Shitty UX (Rolling)

I saw this thread from @guntrip, and thought, I reckon there’s a rolling thread in this.

UX is User Experience, if you don’t know. Just covering anything and everything you see on websites or apps or whatever where it’s clear that some basic things haven’t been considered, or don’t work at all.

I find this sort of shit really annoying, but sometimes the examples are just so bad they’re quite funny.


Sweet dreams my shit U X


‘Shitty U X’ the new single from Olivia Rodrigo, in stores now!

When I sign up for websites I use the (username) GMail trick where anything after the plus sign still forwards to your own email.

It’s quite shocking how many websites get totally fucked up by having a plus character in the email, in really unexpected ways. Had to have my Disney account deleted last night because the system allowed a plus in the email, but wouldn’t then let you change it to anything else afterwards. Was starting to get escalated, but figured it was quicker and easier to just delete my account and create a new one.

tbh this thread is basically this


Every single news website and most clothes shop websites. Especially on mobile. Fucking pop ups everywhere, half of them you can’t get rid of. Please leave me alone!

Feel pure shit, just want web 1.0 back


Not sure I’ve ever seen anything other than various degrees of shittiness when it comes to UX tbh.

Yeah just about every website loads content in just after page load which pushes the button you were just about to click down and then you click on something else instead


Shitty UX & T-Power - Don’t wanna know (ft. Di & Skibadee)


The solicitors we’re using for our flat purchase have an app! Very 21st century.

Of course, all the documents are still pdfs, so they open tiny and are really hard to read.



I’ve now got a proper home for my posts in the minor and major irks threads. :+1:

Another major gripe I have is the replacement of default chunky scrollbars with these really fiddly narrow jQuery scrollbars almost everywhere (including on this very page just over there -->). Actually it’s alright on this page as there seems to be a fairly generous hover zone, plus the default scrollbar alongside the skinny one.

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Apc’s ‘book delivery option’ advised me to email a depot…thanks, you could just set up this system to email them



If you don’t want to create multiple accounts or aliases for specific tasks, just add a plus sign (+) and any word before the @ sign in your current address.

Messages will still reach you, and you’ll have an infinite amount of emails for different purposes.


If your Google Workspace email address is, you can:

You can even combine these addresses with filters to automatically label and sort your messages.

For instance, filters can automatically archive and apply the News label to all incoming newsletters sent to When you’re ready to read them, click News in your list of labels to find them.


Works with dots too doesnt it and are the same email for gmail purposes

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This is unlikely to affect many people here and frankly I can’t be bothered going into the detail, but suffice to say the hoops you have to jump through to officially return your driver’s licence to the DVLA for medical reasons beggar belief. To give some idea you actually have to set up a Post Office account to do it. In the end since I don’t actually drive I just didn’t bother.

Some beautiful/ horrible examples of imagined volume control UX designs here.