Shitty Vinyl Pressings Thread

Apologies if this has been done before, but after a less than successful evening of vinyl listening, I thought a thread warning folk off crappy new vinyl cash-ins might be useful. So:

Daft Punk - Alive 1997

I fucking love this album, and after recently treating myself to a vinyl copy (£15 fae Fopp IIRC) I finally listened to it tonight. My side A skips so badly yet so perfectly you’d think they were deliberate locked grooves - I timed one “jump” loop (about 15 minutes in) at almost 60 seconds long when I finally noticed and investigated. The rest of the side contained at least 4 more skips, some of them awesomely accidental Daft Punk loops, others just horribly jarring. Instead of listening to side B I’ve gone over to my similarly new copy of Homework to see if it’s just as shit.

Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

First of all, fuck off with this “putting 49 minutes of music on 4 sides of vinyl” bullshit - it’s only worth it if a) the music itself is super high fidelity to begin with and b) if you actually press the fucking records properly in the first place. Skip, skip, skip, skip every side, and that’s after a clean. A superb album ruined. Kids treat themselves to their favourites on vinyl (well, I do and I’m a big kid) and this was a full-on disappointment.

Record companies: if you can’t be arsed paying for properly pressed LPs, fuck off and don’t bother at all.

PS. I have a pretty good turntable (a Rega Planar 1) so I don’t think they’re hardware issues
PPS. I’m also not an audiophile spod, I just want LPs to work! when I buy them…

So, if anybody else has had their arses bitten by poorly made, rushed out slabs of vinyl post here! and warn us all :slight_smile:

You do know you can return defective LPs right?
What’s your turntable?

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A Rega Planar 1

Cool missed that bit doh

Yeh, I have a bad habit of not listening to something for a while after I buy it and not keeping receipts. I should be more careful when buying LPs. Trouble is, I fear (possibly unfounded) that any replacements would still be problematic. The records look absolutely fine - clean, no marks or scratches - but are simply poor pressings. I probably shouldn’t assume the entire run would be similarly defective.

And no, I definitely don’t have a Crosley :wink:

Good to know. There’s been a few times I lost receipts so contacted label directly and were more than happy to help.
Best label was Rock Action who not only replaced a mispressed mogwai lp but also sent me a poster signed by the band as a bonus.
Major labels are shite tho most likely.


I must have been lucky, I buy a fair few records and don’t think I’ve ever had a problem. I have had a few records with visible surface marks but nothing that affected play.
I’ve got a few records from the 70s/80s on hillarously thin vinyl but bought cheap second hand so with the expectation they may be a bit crappy.

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I’ve been mostly lucky TBF. I find quite a few new LPs that need a good clean out the sleeve, but they’re usually grand after that. Bought a few with marks as well, but they’ve turned out fine playback wise.

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Pressing quality is one of those things that often crop up in the comments on discogs listings. Might be worth checking for say a cheap repress, although hard to know how seriously to take internet comments obviously.

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Never really used to bother but it’s amazing what a difference just a basic clean with warm water occasionally can make with records. Sorts out 99% of surface noise in my experience.

I inherited some of my uncle’s LPs after he died. He’d smoked for years and had an open fire in the living room; the state of the cloth after cleaning just one record :open_mouth:


Might be worth investing in one of these

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I’ve seen good reviews of those. Might consider investing…

I tend to check the Steve Hoffman forums to check for this sort of thing. Since upgrading my stylus to an Ortofon OM10 though, a lot of records I thought were poor pressings now sound fantastic. The only records I’ve had that are truly awful are Doves’ Kingdom of Rust, and Death Cabs’ Transatlanticism

Which pressing of Transatlanticism? I’ve got the Grand Hotel van Cleef pressing and reckon it’s great.
Also for any Radiohead fans - steer clear of the US pressings.

It was the Barsuk 10th anniversary one

Damn you’d think Barsuk would be on the ball. Remember them making a humongous fuck up with the box set they did. Wrong rpms, wrong labels, mispressed etc. So aye avoid that box even if it’s going cheap.

That’s funny - I have that stylus too. Wasn’t bought on the basis of research, just what came with my deck. Sounds like I was lucky.

I buy old and new vinyl and I think it’s striking how much better the average quality of old vinyl pressings is. New vinyl seems to vary enormously in quality but almost all old records play well so long as they have been decently looked after and are given a basic clean.


I’ve found the same. I’ve got an original Hot Rats LP that plays like a dream, and runs rings around the 50th Anniversary brand-new LP of Absolutely Free. I didn’t pay any more than a fiver for any of my 2nd-hand original Floyd LPs and they’re all great too.