Shitty Vinyl Pressings Thread


I’ve found the same. I’ve got an original Hot Rats LP that plays like a dream, and runs rings around the 50th Anniversary brand-new LP of Absolutely Free. I didn’t pay any more than a fiver for any of my 2nd-hand original Floyd LPs and they’re all great too.


70s vinyl in particular seems to play really well. It’s normally better (and cheaper) to buy a decent original copy rather than reissues.


I never encounter skips on records anymore. Anything shit is either pops, crackles or light distortion.

For mucky records I tend to use vinyl cleaning spray, a friendly cloth and push down hard on the record as i wipe around it.


I remember having to take back The War on Drugs’ Slave Ambient about 3 times because it was more warped than a brexiter’s browsing history. I gave up in the end.


Mine’s not too bad from memory, but it falls into that “far too short an album to justify 4 sides” thing I find annoying…


The 4 sides of vinyl thing pisses me off too. Radiohead even did it with TKOL, which is 38 minutes for fuck’s sake.


Really? Jesus, that’s ridiculous.


Short, 4 sided vinyls are as close to pure evil as you’re ever likely to find yourself.


I seem to recall Kevin Shields saying he stuck to the original 2 sides for the Loveless reissue, but would like a future reissue to be on 4 sides for optimal sound quality. Really mate, don’t bother, for multiple reasons.


I have some ridiculously rubbish pressings from the 80’s/90’s. I have an original pressing of Nic Jones - Penguin Eggs which is as thin as paper and Pulp - Different Class that also has the same problem.


Also, worth remembering to treat your stylus to a thorough cleansing irregularly. This is the stuff I bought most recently for the job and the post-treatment sound improvement was astounding. Also, plaudits to the manufacturer- self-explanatory packaging which makes Ronseal look like slackers.


Yeah I think modern pressings in the vinyl resurgence era are LOADS better than the shit they put out in the 90s when they were trying to get everyone to switch to cd. My original copy of the bends might as well have been aflexidisc.


I would seriously recommend one of these:

Easy to use, and no danger of a build of chemicals. I find the best way to clean records (so long as they are not really dirty) is just to play them and to clean the needle with this. I don’t remember paying this much for it by the way - might be available cheaper elsewhere- but once you have it will essentially last for ever.


I agree with this and actually actively chose not to buy vinyl when I see they have done this. Having said that the recent reissues of two Japan albums pressed at 45rpm on double vinyl are possibly the most amazing quality pressings I have ever heard of anything.


I second this.
Amazing bit of kit and easy peasy to use.


i stick em in the dishwasher