I still need to try his stuff outside of the Silver EP! But that was definitely one of the best discoveries in the other thread, it’s perfect.

That list is pretty comprehensive and plenty of treasure therein…for moose X+Y is a good album but not really very shoegaze - their early EPs are superb though and are on the Sonny of Sam EP or the extended re-release of X and Y at the back end…

All Slowdive’s LPs deserve a mention…

Pitchfork’s top 50 shoegaze list is, in my opinion, a strong general overview


Are there any other charts like that for other genres?

Because that’s a good chart.

There’s charts like this for loads of stuff. I just do a google search for a band or genre and add the term flow chart. I have gotten into lots of bands this way

I got into post rock with this for example


Cool, thanks!

The first Jesu self titled is amazing.


found/posted this one in the math-rock thread a while back

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Just by looking at one of those post-punk charts, I’ve just discovered (and already fallen in love with) Liquid Liquid, and discovered that No Wave is an amazing genre.

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Modern Shoegaze has to be really good, and do something a little different for me to like it. I was there for the original wave, so hearing reheated Loveless b-sides is depressing.

Pinkshinyultrablast and Ringo Deathstarr (ignore comedy name) are pretty decent modern bands.


I really like the charts. Some are dreadful but some are compiled by people that know what they’re talking about. Got into so many bands and genres using them.

Not sure we went back before 2013, but here’s the annual threads from the last few years. Most bases covered in there I reckon:

2013 thread:

2014 thread:

2015 thread:

2016/2017 thread:

Current thread(s):

Should be a thread just for music flowcharts. I like em


point: electronic shoegaze

who is electronic shoegaze?

Ringo Deathstarr is easily the best of the nu-nu-gaze. Cracking band.

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For newer twists to the sound, you might also wanted to consider Tiny Fireflies - they have some new work out on Spotify and Bandcamp. More subdued and dream pop-y. Also, Panda Riot and Lightfoils. All are out of Chicago.

Been listening over the last couple of days. Great rec. Thanks

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Will check them out. Cheers

Lots of great Japanese shoegaze bands too, especially these;

Go with Panda Riot’s Northern Automatic Music (debut) which I would say is i) a modern classic, and ii) much better than their follow up Infinity Maps.

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Oh, you’ve made me dig out Cruyff In The Bedroom’s Saudargia. Chockablocka full of marching beat squally guitar amazingness. Totally forgotten that record.