Shoes in movies


Watched the film ‘Drive’ at the weekend. At the end when they camera starts on his shoes and pans up to him sitting in the car very still. My lasting thought was those are not the shoes I was expecting him to be wearing. They were yellowy Dr Martin/clown type shoes. Anyone else found the shoes choice in movies unusual?


In cinderella they have shoes made out of glass.

Think about that for a second, they must be terrifying. Would never be allowed these days.



I enjoy the shoe based sound design of this scene from Brick (which is one of my favourite films)


I like the shoe sound at the start of this:


Me too (although I don’t like it when I’m the wearer of shoes that make this sound)


Films ABOUT shoes:
The Red Shoes
Cinderella, I guess
Sex in the City, probably had lots of plots about shoes


Das Boot


Brogue One


The Man with One Red Shoe
Trainers Day
Pumps up the Volume




Diadora: the movie!




Shoes in movies could be like drive in movies, but you just walk into a big bit of waste ground to stand and watch a film. You’ll have to tune your personal stereo to the correct frequency in order to hear it.


Kinky Boots


Crocs odile Dundee


Notes on a sandal


The opening credits of Footloose.


Espadriller Killer


The title of this thread made me instantly think of Jurassic World and now I’m sad and depressed and angry…