Shoes in movies

times I have thought about shoes in things I have recently been watching:

Watched Picnic at Hanging Rock, it’s shite, don’t bother (the new tv series I mean). Repeatedly thought how it must be a pain walking up a massive rock in heels.

Great British Menu, Daniel Clifford has some nice shiny DMish-type shoes. They’re not the kind of shoes I expected him to be wearing.

To All the Boys I Loved Before. There is a discussion about some shoes in it. Chunky heeled boots vs Uggs. Boots won, rightly so.

Mindhunter. Grim shoe scenes.

Mrs Brown in Paddington 1 and 2 has super shoes, think they are Irregular Choice.



The Converse.ation

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Con Air Max


i don’t wear formal shoes very often (weddings and job interviews mainly) and don’t really like them for the most part BUT i love walking around like this and making the Very Serious Shoe Sound that people in films always make. love it.


Coyote Uggly

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Dead mans shoes


I really hate making clicky heel sounds. I don’t wear heels often and it feels… not normal. Like I’m pretending to be an adult.

dr martens dr martens dr martens BOOTS

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Footnotes on a Scandal.

on a sandal, surely

Bootnotes on a sandal

Moccasin City

moos in shoevies

Someone already did that one.