Shoes, trainers etc!



My left trainer has busted up the side, the sole is dangerously coming away from the main bulk of the shoe. It should hold until I get home but I’ll need to buy some more. You can recommend me some shoes and trainers in here if you like (please do), even the hermano ones.


top pair of trainers.


i just bought these


these suit you I reckon


just remembered I bought tickets to go to a conference in london on saturday and i’m gonna go shopping :smiley: :smiley:


are you saying my shoes look shit mate


of course not

i’m saying if i saw those in a shoe shop i’d think “they’d suit super cool dude @japes


I’ve got so many pairs of trainers that I bought on a whim, wore them once and are now gathering dust. what a fucking waste

size 9, in case anyone is interested @cat_race




i AM interested in this

i am also a size 9!!!


man, am…well was considering setting up some sort of DiS giving thread, where people send stuff they don’t need to others that do. cutlery, shoes, scarves…anything. some sort of beautiful sharing thing where lives are hopefully enriched by a kind gesture here and there. all for the cost of p&p

and then I remembered people on here are cynical as fuck and this would go down like a lead balloon.

anyway, I have some nice kicks man and I like you a lot, so maybe me and you can do something sweet


:grinning: amazing! Anything you need at all that I might have an excess of?


wow! what a question! give me some time man…might be nothing, man. I’m ok with that too.this ain’t necessarily a tit-for-tat thing, you know. but yeah, lets make this beautiful thing happen!

nice one bro


Just thought of something I could send you that you would like! :grinning: