Shogun (Disney+)

Is it the next Game of Thrones? Is it just violence and sex? Whatever it is, it’s been brilliant so far and the hype is real.

Usual rules apply, use spoiler (blur) tags and potentially CW tags if necessary. Also if you’ve read the book and/or watched the original series then consider a separate thread.

First two episodes are already up on Disney+ with new episodes weekly on a Tuesday. Disney+ have a deal for £1.99 subscriptions for 3 months.

It’s definitely a programme to turn your phone off and concentrate on. There is a very good episode guide here:

Couldn’t work out if I’d seen the main (English) guy in something else, but eventually figured it out: he looks like someone I knew at uni doing at impression of Tom Hardy.

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The Watch podcast called him the ChatGPT Bane


enjoyed the first two eps. hiroyuki sanada rules, and the andrew lincoln / tom hardy hybrid man seems decent enough.

don’t really understand why the main bad lad didn’t just kill him? “we demand you kill the prisoner before we commit to your evil scheme!!!” so what? he’s nothing to you, just kill him!

Have only watched the first episode but enjoyed it. It’s come out with weirdly perfect timing for me: after loving Blue Eyed Samurai (set during the same period) I was jonesing for more period Japanese stuff, and ended up watching Age of Samurai on Netflix, a five part documentary with dramatic reconstructions plus historian talking heads, which covers the Sengoku period - from Nobunaga’s first attempts to take over, to Hideoshi succeeding where he failed but dying while his son was just a kid and the whole situation with the five regents (and what came after, but that’s a spoiler). Highly recommend it if you want some background. I know Shogun is fictionalised (Toronaga is actually Tokugawa in history) but it’s good for scene setting.


Looking forward to this. Loved the book, one of very few that I’ve read twice.

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Watched the first ep last night, struggled to follow it a bit in the first half (actually paused it and read a recap to make sure I got everything :sweat_smile:) but really enjoyed it once it got going in the second half. Gonna try and squeeze in ep 2 today

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Am I right in thinking that there are points where Blackthorne is speaking Portuguese but we hear it as him speaking English? Weird choice that, if I am understanding correctly

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yeah. they should have done it allo allo style and had it all in english but with the characters not understanding each other

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Watched episode 3 - much more actiony than the first two.

Also, are we all accepting that not-Tom-Hardy’s accent and delivery is objectively hilarious?


I remember Cosmo from when this was all over 6 music

He doesn’t sound terribly at ease with his music career now, and wouldn’t like people like me bringing it up but I think it’s quite interesting, he says it was a way for him to get into acting. from an interview I read in the Guardian last week “I don’t think about any of that any more,” he says, squirming in his seat. “It’s no longer relevant. I’m an actor. I have nothing in common with it. It’s out of my hands. People can do whatever they want with it. If they wanna like it and go look at what I did in the past, that’s fine, but I haven’t been attached to it for a really long time.”

Only thing I’ve seen him in was Lady Macbeth opposite Florence Pugh, thought he was good in that.

I took to referring to him a pound shop Tom Hardy to Mrs Z about half an hour into episode one. She’s already fed up with me, so of course I’m carrying on relentlessly.

I’ve been reading it as all the English spoken is actually Portuguese, with the possible exception of conversations between Blackthorn and his crew. Presume it was just a call made by FX to make it an easier sell in their main target markets.

Someone needs to cut in some Shogun dialogue about the Black Ship/Portuguese trade and Jesuit Priests over that pirate video :thinking:

Really enjoyed first two episodes. Watched episode 3 last night and can’t lie - I started getting pretty lost.

Did the same.

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tempted by the book but it’s like 1200 pages which feels like it should be illegal

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I’ve read the book, the only one of Clavell’s I’ve read. It was good but didn’t need to be that long. It’s 99p on Kindle currently.

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And it’s only the first book of an entire historical saga (though they don’t need to be read collectively).

Thought the first episode was extremely promising. Didn’t feel like a pilot at all.

I think Shogun might be the first book I bought that I never read - I got it when I was 12 and never got round to it because it’s such a beast! Don’t have that copy anymore unfortunately but is it worth reading? (I can read long books now, I even enjoy them sometimes). I’m more inclined to read it sooner if this adaption is faithful.

My dad loved it, don’t think I know anyone else who’s actually tackled it. I don’t think it’s meant to be a difficult read thought, it sold a shit tonne.

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