Shooting Bigfoot


Storyville documentary on iPlayer at the minute - Louis Theroux style, where a guy follows three Bigfoot hunters of varying degrees of sanity on expeditions to find sasquatch. Very entertaining, especially when it all goes a big Blair Witch at the end.

But about the ending… SPOILERS

What the fuck is going on the end? I think we’re meant to believe that Dwyer is fucking with him, their relationship has gradually fallen apart, Dwyer has done more and more to freak him out, then finally ends up dressing up as bigfoot (or getting someone else - the homeless kid? - to do it) so he can kick off another “I found bigfoot hoax”. But is Morgan in on it? Why leave it so vague if he isn’t?


I really enjoyed this when it was on, starts off quite funny and then develops with some of the hunters into something a bit less palatable.


I think Tom (was it Tom? The really flashy, loud one) is the best documentary baddie since the beardy bloke from King of Kong.


is that the same guy who shouts the line “get me a peach snapple” or something:D


He LOVED his Snapple.


those Storyville documentaries are usually fucking ace.


saddam hussein
lance armstrong
the mexican cartel


i thought i’d seen most of them but I haven’t seen the saddam or mexican ones


another couple I’ve just remembered (which you’ve probably seen)

Unlocking the Cage
The Black Panthers
The spy who went into the cold