Shop names / puns that don't work (rolling)




That works


So near, so Spar


Steak and cattle is a bit of a tautology though.


Steak is for the steak part and cattle and roll is for the burgers


it doesn’t. they don’t serve steak, cattle and rolls

they could maybe claim cattle steak & rolls but that’s not really any better


not having it.


You’re Theo-ing yourself here pal, it really obviously works


I’ll accept it, but it’s not as clever as it thinks it is.


you can’t mix animal and food in the same list! it DOESNT WORK

you can say chicken, cattle and rolls or fucking steak, burgers and rolls but you can’t fucking mix the two! it’s clumsy


It doesn’t even rhyme!


really hate this one too. remember talking about this with someone else on here that claimed it made sense. clearly doesn’t.


Yeah, what is it a play on? Walk to work?


I’d imagine that ‘to walk’ is meant to replace ‘to go’ but it’s clumsy and shit


yeah, bizarre. walk to work… to have some noodles?

wok to walk…-ing around whilst eating noodles on the go?

if anything, surely it should be walk to wok ffs


who’s attempting to eat noodles whilst walking?



also wtf even is that, noodles and bran flakes?


should have lead off with the ol’ wok to walk one pal, I think most of us are on board with that one


(steak cattle and roll is fine though)


the whole thread is bc I passed a steak, cattle and roll this morning and it made me quite annoyed.

prepared to go full theo over that one if need be.