Shop names / puns that don't work (rolling)



Given the current state of the country, I think a taxi is pretty kind


That’s not an English flag! How fucking dare they? Fucking St George, geezer.


You’re probably right, however it hasn’t worked in my mind for at least a couple of years…



that’s excellent


Horribly dated pop culture reference: :white_check_mark:

Apostrophe abuse : :white_check_mark:

Generally doesn’t work: :white_check_mark:

This has it all.


I hope they have relevant pun-based dish names.

Spice up your knife
2 become (well d)one


Mostly confused by the use of the Pizza Hut logo for a Launderette here. But there are other questions that need answering.


Maybe they launder hats?

Maybe they make hats, as well as providing laundry, hairdressing, beautician, barber and nail technician services?


Though it was an ennui pun or something at first.


Ah, the temp sign on the right is for the separate empty unit next door.


Drove past yesterday and it’s now simply called ‘Jamming’.

Maybe they got fed up of folk calling it Jam-eng.


Not really a pun, but probably my favourite worst/most confusing shop-name.


Used to be in Ealing. Not sure if it’s still there.


Not a pun, just a really unfortunate sign-and-lamppost combo I saw this evening


Not strictly legit for the premise of this thread, but gives mea chuckle when I walk past it.



Saw a lorry on the motorway the other day, company name was ReadyMick’s.

Properly disappointed it was a curtainsided trailer and not a cement mixer.


I saw a van this weekend saying “J. Walker”. I initially assumed it was a pun, but I think it was just the tradesman’s name.


Hair ‘n’ Hounds… Not a bad name for a dog grooming salon, but that logo is a bit of a horror show.




Must be expensive if they only cook fish that have won awards.