Shop names / puns that don't work (rolling)

That’s the only reason you’d name it that

Doesn’t make it acceptable just explains why they might not get how it reads to others.

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There’s definitely a chance that there’s a gangster intimidation vibe in there. E.g. another local one…

…and so on.

But that’s a joke on the name meaning being better than everyone else. Obviously putting the mob thing on the sign is a bit too far but maybe it’s just an old business and newer owners went that route?

Keep seeing this near me and Im confused

Kinder Day Nursery

  • Kind, being nice
  • Kinder, german for child
  • Both…?
  • Neither… :confused:

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it’s actually german for “chocolate egg”


Kind is chcolate egg
Er is plastic egg with toy inside

It’s “kind of” a nursery, but also “kinder” a garment factory

Or maybe newer owners have toned things down. Let’s take a look at 2008…

Although 2012 - 2015 (before during the Commonwealth Games, when the city was tarting that part of town up and putting on its best face for the world) was…

From a stones throw away (2014-2019):

From the same period, nearby, the more trad/logical pun (which I think we may have already had upthread, with a somewhat unfortunate takeaway on the left, there):

:smiley: :man_shrugging:

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And within sight of that last one, from 2015-2017:

Not the clearest sign, is it? How about 2018’s refresh?

Has since changed to:

there’s a FoodFillas in town as well

one of my least favourite puns


I thought this was about David Lynch and was trying to figure out which films or TV shows it referenced. :weary:


I mean none of this really matters because lynching isn’t really particularly gangster nor is it related to porn. No matter how many mob stuff you are seeing they are all very safe mob referenced puns.

Changing lunch to lynch is a massive reach for ‘mob’ stuff and they haven’t even put any sort of imagery on their logo to imply that, as The Untouchables does.

Fucksake man!

It’s not in Kent, it’s in Dudley.


That’s so bad it’s fantastic



actually that kinda does work once you think about it

very clever, that

they just sell apples


was gonna go here for lunch but you have to preorder online so i’ve decided that the pun actually does not work after all

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No, you read this sign as Anus Toys

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Anus toys makes more sense, in fairness