Shopping thread (boxing day/january sales edition)

bought anything good? want anything? can’t be arsed?

verso have 50% off all books and 90% off all ebooks til the end of the month, with free worldwide shipping

palgrave have £30 off any book or ebook, also til the end of the month, with free worldwide shipping

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Stuff and things upset me now

So far nothing. Got some John Lewis vouchers, but obviously that’s far too intimidating so they’ll go to waste.

i want a guillotine but all of the reviews ever of every different type under £30 suggest that they’re all crap

Dunno if you’ve seen this, but one of the Verso staff has started her own press as well lately:

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Load of bollocks innit. Was waiting to see what phones are discounted. Pisspoor showing all round, though. Have a failing Xperia Z3c that is gonna get fixed under warranty but that’s gonna take a minimum of four weeks, apparently, so imma buy a replacement and sell one when the fixed one comes back. Don’t want a phone with a screen of 5" or more. Not buying an iPhone SE. Fancy an Xperia Xc. But there’s no discount on it, and 360 notes is too much. Bought an Xperia XA and used a fifty quid Amazon voucher to bring it down to 130 bones. Reasonable-ish, but it’s got a crappy battery, though, like 95% of all phones. How the fuck are there only, like, three phones, at most, that don’t have a shit battery life?


Want this but probably shouldn’t…

600 spot for a 105 bike is quite something.

Sorry, that’s just noise.

I’m convinced all hand guillotines are rubbish

I’ve got a pretty decent one. None of that pound shop tat, though. It’s an old school heavy duty jobber, rescued from an NHS office clearout. SLICE!

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Might buy the last guardian

Oh, for fffs sake. Thought 2016 had claimed another and that The Guardian was stopping it’s print edition. Oh well, can’t be too long now…


got some boots yesterday for my main present



My work offers an interest-free loan for it as well, though not tax free.

Only thing holding me back is: my Triban 3 is still doing okay and we’re about to purchase a flat, so buying something like this seems unnecessary. Maybe.

Got no money

i bought a fiskars one in the end, because the replacement blades are cheap and easy enough to get hold of

bet it breaks within a month