Shops/ types of shops that have a distinctive smell

Old school chemists shops (so not Boots or Superdrug) all seem to smell the same. Boiled sweets and disinfectant? Dunno.

Subway all smell like vomit obviously - but they seem to do this on purpose

Any others?

Games Workshop - Unwashed virgin



car show rooms, new car smell

BOOK SHOP, the 100% dis answer

lush. like a full on assault of smell.


I find Lidl has a really weird smell coming from their bakery section which permeates through the whole shop and makes me feel queasy.

The perfume concessions in debenhams etc, they just torch your nostrils


I feel I am more used to the smell now I am an avid Lush shopper. I rarely buy cosmetics anywhere else.

I do draw the line at their chewable toothpaste tablets tho.

it’s probably a fake baking smell pumped into the shop

Car Showrooms smell more like fresh, crisp paintwork/polish/cleaning stuff - whatever it is, smells much more like solvents than lovely new car interior.

Carpet shops smell like carpet, obviously.

My cousin worked for Lush and she smelled amazing. She was always slightly speckled with glitter on her face too which I thought was nice. Like a pixie.


She’s living the dream there
I think they get good discounts. I think @elthamsmateowen used to work with them??

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He did and can confirm he was regularly glittery and smelled like a toxic pot pourri.

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I find that supermarkets all have distinct smells despite selling pretty much exactly the same products. weird.

Favourite is Sainsbos. Least favourite is tescos.

They do, she let me use it from time to time! Check out this amazing David Bowie sculpture she made out of the soapy clay stuff they have!!


please kill me - every moment I live is pure agony.


HAHA!! Harsh but I see what you’re saying.

Timpsons/similar places

you can smell a CEX a mile off

Ironic considering their clientele

(hi peens, how’ve you been?)