Shops/ types of shops that have a distinctive smell



herbalists, independent health food shops that stock cosmetics - they all use those aroma diffusers that puff oil into the air

charity shops that smell like damp

lots of brands now work with scent manufacturers to bottle their own signature scent




Saw a C&A this weekend and it reminded me that they always smelled of cheap carpets.


look at this thread on reddit

(i have had a wild few weeks. feel like i’m about 90 years old now, though. are you well?)


I’ve got an acquaintance who works in a CEX. But this one and this is it in its entirety (the photo is taken fromt he counter) - just imagine begin stuck in this all day, would be like being buried alive:


I hope you’re ok, I did notice that you hadn’t been around for a while but didn’t want to pry. Aye I’m not too bad thank you :slight_smile:


‘my girlfriend works there, she had to handle piss soaked dvd’s once.’ :confounded:




yeah it was a conscious decision cause i’ve had a mare health-wise and been trying to have an actual social life (!). i’m alright really :blush: