Short Arms / Deep Pockets

Do you have:

  • Short Arms / Deep Pockets
  • Long Arms / Deep Pockets
  • Short Arms / Shallow Pockets
  • Long Arms / Shallow Pockets
  • Other (Please Specify)

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Don’t worry about this if you don’t want to vote or contribute by the way. It’s not an important thread.

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Rah rah rah!

Can’t lose!


not sure

My legs are long, let me tell you

I wish mine were longer

Without a plan a dream is nothing but a wish

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Wow, I’d never thought about it like that actually. “A dream is a wish your heart makes” but without a plan it will remain a wish. A plan is a dream your brain makes?

I’ve got short legs and arms but I’m quite long in general. Wild isn’t it

All my clothes I’ve bought recently have very deep/big pockets, very useful when gardening

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You must have a long torso or head


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Yeah that’s the point I was making


I have very long limbs and nothing YOU say or do will change that.

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My legs only go up to my waist, my my arms go way past it. 1-0 arms.

Other cause i dont know cause sadly dont have a huge amount of clothes with pockets.