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You can get paid for this shit?

(of course you should take your shoes off you fucking animals)

Idea: Shoes with peelable soles so you just peel off and discard a layer when entering a property

Or should we just clingfilm our bare feet when we go out and break the stranglehold the shoe cartels hold over us? Fuck you Clarks, Nike, Manolo Blahnik and Deichmann!

Do you, as a rule, take your shoes off in the house

  • No
  • I’m a tory

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Can you name any cling film brands?

Gladwrap - or is that just what some other country (Austraila?) calls it?

This is by a margin the most arbitrary use of “I’m a tory” in history


They probably call it Wallowabber or something


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Borussia Monchengladwrap


the house? As in my house? Yeah.
Other people’s houses? Only if they specify.
The Swedish simply cannot believe we go into other people’s houses with shoes on. I went to a party once where people turned up with dress shoes :high_heel:to change into on arrival i.e. That they’d never worn outdoors.

Like at a roller disco?

except shoes without wheels

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Might start calling it pliofilm to fuck people off and then link them to the wikipedia article

Or have a box of these by the front door:

That’s a hell of a racket you’re planning there Lonzinho

For those who’d like their home to maintain the warm ambience of a fresh crime scene


We used to use those in our last flat to put over the smoke alarm when cooking as someone had installed it about 1m from the oven and hob.

One of my tasks whilst working at a bowling alley was to hand these to punters to put over their bowling shoes if they needed to leave the premises for a smoke. It very rarely went down well.

We used to use shower caps for that when we held parties at ours.