Short banal thread to talk about nice things

This is the light relief thread. Let’s talk about nice things like what we’re planning to have for dinner or what snacks we’d like.

I might just have a Foxes Classic biscuit. :+1:

I know I keep repeating myself but I’ve had SO MANY peany bee pretzel pieces :yum:

Not sure about dinner, think plasticmike’s pubbing for a bit so not sure if I should delay din dins or not. Don’t even know what we have in anyway. Quite fancy something similar to your lunch?

What are these things anyway, crunchy pretzel with peanut butter inside? That sounds quite good but I don’t know how many I could eat?

Yep, like a hard pretzel outer (with salt on), peanut butter inner. they’re quite dry, but very moreish. Hate to think how much salt I’ve eaten due to them.

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Also if you want to have a go at what I had, here’s the recipe. Dead quick and simple.

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I’ve run out of brownie. Going to have a doughnut and carry on watching the Madeleine McCann thing.

only had soup for lunch so bene pure marvin’ through my meeting. just had some cheetos and parma violets but that didn’t do it for me. urge to further snack near fatal.

plans for tonight:
run home
eat dinner
watch masterchef
watch true crime doc
read book about mountains

very much looking forward to it

i hope you are all well and having a lovely time x

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Wanted to watch masterchef in the gym but it’s not on till 9

do you know what i could fucking smash right now? those jalapeno pretzel bits, snyders or whatever. ffffuuuu

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this is a positive thread, let’s not bring up the masterchef schedule!!


Honey and muzzard please. Can’t eat them now because I’ll eat the whole bag.

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I had a creme egg brownie from a cake place in town.

Also, I am going to play this game about changing rules to solve puzzles tonight and it looks cute as heck.


My daughter has learnt to pull herself onto her feet and is tentatively walking (I mean tiny tiny steps) whilst holding the sofa. This is interesting.


Which book?

Uh oh!

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I’m meeting my mate Dave tomorrow night and going to a gig. That’ll be nice - I’ve not actually seen him this year yet (I don’t think - my mind’s going in my old age)


My bf has just come home from work and brought me a packet of prawn cocktail discos as a treat. Awesome!

My highlights/ lowlights looks good and despite her lopping four inches off the length, it’s still nice and long. Also she just used a tint rather than bleach, so I can swim again later this week without fear of it going green. Hurrah.

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There are still some trader joe’s peanut butter cups so I’m gonna have a handful :yum:

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Indeed, but it’s almost pointless time, so that’ll keep her entertained

It’s called Not Without Peril, about misadventures in the white mountains of new hampshire.