Short notice Friday drink thread


I’m looking for some alcoholic drinks I can get from Morrison’s on my way home in the next 30-45mins.

Sort me out with recommendations NewDiS…


Own brand cream soda


thought that this was going to be an invitation to go out for a drink.

are you inviting us round your house for stella?


get some cheap(ish) champagne


i’ve been doing this recently, it’s good


Dunno what the general consensus on it is anymore but Lagunitas IPA does it for me big time and is part of the 4 for £6 deal at Morrisons. Has the added benefit of making you feel tipsy after 2 bottles.




i’m in the same bost keith, gonna nip into sainos en route home, thinking i’’ buy a mixture of red wine, white wine and a few beers.


Got loads of decent red but not really sure what I fancy tonight.


you staying in or going out later?


I’m in and need to drive to football for 11. I have a selection of IPA in the basket.


football tonight at 11?!?!


buy whatever shit’s on offer


Thought this was going to be a potential london drinks this evening thread.



he means the morning, man


keith’s P.A


there is one in two weeks, dude. all the top dogs will be present




thanks for clearing that up keiths PA



*tomorrow morning