Shortest, darkest day of the year


And it shows

Getting a bit beevy all up in this joint

Guys, let’s kiss & make up …or alternatively, declare your beeves and work them
out in this conciliatory thread

It :christmas_tree:
Peace & Love


I know what you mean man, I hate it when it gets Beevsey and I’d be really disappointed if it kicked off in this thread.


Fuck off you cunt


The days are longer starting tomorrow! It’s all looking up


Yup, it’s been a bit beevy at home & in town too.

It’s rare you see parents losing temper with their kids in public in Stockholm but there’s loads of it about today

It’s just seasonally affected bio-chemistry though. It’s good to remember that it isn’t personal

Unless it is personal…in which case let’s thrash it out





Visited Newcastle at the weekend - massive beeves with my dad.



Yeah, “nobody wants to see that sort of thing”

we do really


Brexit Beeves?


Never even got to Brexit - thank god.


I’m wearing my winter solstice t-shirt… get weirdly good vibes on this day.


It’ll be the pumpkin :jack_o_lantern:


Great! It’s all uphill from here :slight_smile:



That’s the spirit


This has got me confused. On the one hand uphill has connotations of “up”, which is good. But downhill is easier, so surely that’s good. I say “it’s all downhill from here” to indicate goodness. What is the consensus? I can’t even do polls.


Really genuinely always hate December 21st. With a passion. I want daylight dammit.


I quite like getting to this point. Darkest day; can only get lighter from here. It’s the last Sunday of October that gets me (first day after the clocks go back). Ugh, misery.


we call wednesday Hump Day and not … Trough? Day for a reason


some xylo-punkosaur beeve brewing in the DiSers as brands thread now.


How far north are you?
2:30 and already dark where I am