"Shortest" day of the year Thread (Banal, not daily)

We have two new guys in our office this week, temporarily.

They are currently complaining about being caught by speed cameras. “I was doing 54 in a 30, was doing no harm, and they still got me”.

Jesus. Longest Day of the year more like.

What’s going to make this “Shortest Day of the Year” the “Longest” for you then?

Getting to 1st job at 8:30am & finishing at 4:30pm and then going to second job at 7:30pm and finishing at 07:30am (then Going to 1st job for 8:30am, rinse repeat) is gonna make it pretty long for me tbh tbf

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OK I can do this. The other day I ordered my Christmas booze from Majestic. I asked for it to be delivered tomorrow and planned to take the day off work to receive it. I got an email from them last night saying basically “yeah it’s at the depot, we’ll deliver it tomorrow”. So I hastily arranged to “work from home” today.

The delivery arrived at about the time I’d normally set off for work, so to all intents and purposes my day is already over, which makes it pretty short.

[Also, short winter days make me depressed so I’m comforting myself with the thought that sunset has been getting earlier for a week or so now.]

Realised I have to get to the post office to urgently send some gift vouchers off that people have bought for my tours. But I can’t go anywhere as I’m waiting for my secret santa and a couple of other bits that I think are due today (one isn’t royal mail either so I have multiple delivery slots to wait in for). Now all I can think about it getting these vouchers sent and it’s creating a huge spiral of anxiety. Why didn’t I buy a load of stamps yesterday???

Do you have a printer? You can buy stamps online and print them.

This many students will make this a very long day.


Nah, plus I still have to go out to post them anyway so might as well do it at the post office.

Fair. Sorry I can’t help! :frowning:

Washed all my winter jumpers last night. Was pretty exciting using the handwash setting on the washing machine for the first time in my life. The jumpers were already dry by this morning and i’m pleased to report they didn’t shrink or get out of shape.

Annoyingly my office still smells a bit musty which I thought was being caused by wearing jumpers that had sat in the wardrobe for months. I think it’s actually my colleague. Waiting for the opportune moment to give them a sniff.

Did the big xmas grocery shop this morning. I’m very tired and it already feels like it should be 6pm.

Thankfully, all I’ve got on today is work and then an evening with the TVGF’s family :sob::sob::sob:

can you get your things redelivered tomorrow?

Enjoying the idea of you ploughing on and delivering the lesson to an empty classroom!

The only difference is I occasionally here people breathing when they’re in the room.

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I have a meetIng tomorrow that I can’t rearrange.


ok dont worry, lets figure it all out. so today you need to:

  • wait in for secret santa delivery
  • wait in for two (?) other deliveries
  • go to the post office to send your vouchers

just checked and the post office in whalley range is open til 5:30 so i think you’ll be ok. im feeling lucky for you

Timing it against projected tantrums is the thing. Just risked it now after postman came but she found a really friendly cat so we’ve done about 25 laps of the garden chasing it first :grin: She has no notion of Xmas present urgency

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Only available on halogen washing machines.

:smiley: little bugger. you can do it, i believe!