A bigger load of nonsense i’ve not seen. If you ever meet a person who claims they can or do write proper shorthand that person is a twat.

Thanks for listening.

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Someone’s going to do an extremely predictable response to this

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Probably Marckee.

I’m 7 weeks into an 11 week shorthand course at the moment. Cheers x

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How small is it now then?

Are you doing teeline? How are you finding. Can you write something mildly insulting and upload it please

(i do not know any shorthand but i have just looked it up on wikipedia dot com)

Passed an exam at 110wpm. Cheers.

How mildly insulting is this

It’s whatever ruffers used as an example.

What a difference a month makes - I can read quite a lot of this now! (Organically. Don’t want to cheat and look at Ruffers’s original note.)

Yes! I’m not doing as well as I could be because I haven’t had time to practise much (big media law exam on Weds, innit) but I’m probably one of the better ones in the class. Will upload some tomorrow!

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Honestly, my best advice, and it sounds stupid, is just to visualise your outlines whenever you can. Writing them is one thing, but actually being able to call them up in another. I used to watch the news in the evening (they have quite a steady pace) and just try and picture the outlines as they spoke. Really helped me get more comfortable with them - so they become second nature almost.

The other big tip would be for the exam itself (If it still works the same way) - at the start they announce the title, so one of mine was something like “The Restoration of the Grand Palace Theatre has been completed”. When you hear that, you KNOW that you’re going to get some of those words, so just come up with an immediate short form - like they’ll probably say Grand Palace Theatre a couple of times, so just use the initials GPT, you don’t have to think about it and it lets you catch up. They only mark your translation so you can put what you like in the shorthand version.