Shorts - a shopping thread

I need some new shorts but haven’t seen anything I like yet.

If you’ve bought or seen good shorts recently, please share your experience and links ideally.

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I bought some from Tesco a few weeks ago. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never find a pair of shorts that’s anything better than ‘fine’.

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I worry this is going to be me.

I love wearing shorts but the best pair I have were from TK Maxx about fifteen years ago.

I bought some shorts last year at marks and Spencer’s.

They are dark blue.

Get mine from Bad Rhino (big lads’ shop), always good, decent price.

I have lived this pandemic in a rotation of Tokyo Laundry jogger shorts (four pairs). Would I wear them out? No.

My shorts inventory:

  • A dark blue pair of chino type shorts from Zara. Smartish I suppose, comfortable, go with everything.
  • A sky blue pair from H&M. I look great in them but they’re possibly a bit too short (someone shouted words to that effect from a passing car in San Diego and I’ve been quite self-conscious when I’ve worn them ever since).
  • A yellow pair from can’t remember. They’re drawstring and made of this material that forever looks unironed but my God they’re comfortable.

I presume they’re made of quite sturdy material, then


I insist on a reinforced gusset.

2 x M&S
And a pair of denim shorts

I wear my VERY short orange Adidas shorts a lot, much to the chagrin of my darling partner

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Pretty certain I look exactly like the model in them


About 15 years ago I somehow destroyed my jeans on a night out (no, not like that) and after, stayed over with some friends. Next morning I had no trousers and was despicably hungover, so my friends offered to go to Salford Quays and buy me some. They came back with the shittest, beigest dad shorts from M&S that were about three sizes too big, I had to tie them up with string, they were awful. 15 years on these shorts now fit me perfectly, I wear them a lot.


I like Uniqlos chino ones. Usually just get them in a few colours. £19.90.

Abercrombie do nice shorts.

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Who wears short, shorts?
I wear short shorts.


I bought these recently:

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I bought dungaree/short type thing last week. I look like a primary school teacher on crack.


I want some short orange Adidas shorts!

they’re different than yours I think, but still very orange

over 30 pounds though - nearly five pounds over thirty pounds! - so perhaps it isn’t meant to be

Mine were only 18 I think (asos Obvs)